With the control of the Holonet seized and controlled by the Empire. News services are hard to find, let along news will only travel via the fastest ship and some planets might not get any updates for months.

Here is a list of some of the news sources you might find in the Minor Cluster:

Holonet News (HNN) “The Information Source For The Empire”: Created many years before the founding of the Republic, HNN was a primary source of news until the Clone Wars, and only came back online after the creation of the Imperial Empire. It is the Official state run news agency of the Galaxy and is transmitted via hyperspace transmission for nearly instantaneous connection through the whole galaxy. even sometimes officially it has been called “Imperial Holovision” and slicers are often editing feeds to reflect the name

TriNebulon News covers about a quarter of the Outer rim especially long the Rimma Trade Trade route. it transmits via subspace bandwidths and some outlying areas can notice delays. It is more Tabloid with views that are pro-imperial pro-human intolerant attitudes. TriNebulon makes a lot of the fact it has “correspondents in the far flung corners of the galaxy there to insure YOU get to hear the important issues first” Despite the fact most of the correspondents write nothing more important then the night-life, weather and what outrageous fashions exist in their corner of the galaxy.

NovaNetwork the major competitor to TriNebulon news and in all aspects is the same, but might actually have news instead of Entertainment features. Is always quick to point out flaws or inaccuracies of TriNEbulon news.

Galatic Weekly NewsStack: The NewsStack acts like an old-style virus program insinuating itself in the broadcast spheres of virtually every computer and holosystem around. The Satire of the Tabloid has become so popular that many will copy latest issues or articles and forward them to friends making it nearly impossible for COMPNOR to eradicate the news. The irreverent brand of humor, disrespect of authority (Any authority) has resulted in them being banned by the Empire, the Galactic Alliance, and most major corporations in the known Galaxy, thus only increasing NewsStack’s popularity. The Editor (aka Palpatine II) has proudly stated that he is anti-imperial, anti-corporation, and anti- Rebellion “We’re anti-EVERYBODY!”

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