Law and order

The grip of Imperial control in the cluster can still be felt. Not as strong as the Core Worlds, or other less remote regions. The Imperial Customs ships scattered across the Cluster and crewed by competent, if not outstanding, officers. The navy line ships, while they patrol sporadically, are nonetheless Imperial warships and are forces to be reckoned with. Despite the Imperial presence, it is still a big chunk of space with a lot of “nothing” happening inside it. Typically, only ships that are doing something clearly suspicious are stopped and searched.


The relatively low caliber of port customs officers can be contrasted to those found on Imperial customs ships, but even their crews are not well trained by Imperial Core standards. Only the dregs of the Navy, or officers who have inadvertently made their superiors extremely angry, are sent to the Minos Cluster any more, and their ineptitude is becoming more ingrained. Patrol craft form the bulk of the Navy, and patrol on a regular basis, but not enough to seriously hamper the activities of the pirates. By all rights, there should be twice as many patrol craft in the Cluster, for piracy in Minos Cluster is as widespread as it is well-known, but most of the officers’ corps is more interested in avoiding danger then finding it.

Each planet in the Cluster has a consulate with an Imperial Consul-General in charge of it. These consulates are guarded by the Imperial army troops (very few who have ever seen actual combat) who are by law confined to the compound grounds and the spaceport, though on some planets these restrictions are ignored. There are few Imperial officials stationed at the consulates, and their duties are limited, but they have the formal authority to take over the local government.


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