The Imperial military presence in the Cluster is quite light, and is not likely to increase in the near future. There are not enough Imperial ships to prevent or even slow, the smuggling and piracy that has been going on for so long. The Empire has better things to to worry about than this sleepy arm of the galaxy, and it declines to waste it’s resource on it.

The Imperial Navy maintains a small satellite base in orbit around Travnin. It supports a fleet of three capital ships and two customs corvettes. The Largest ship is an old, post clone war, Victory-class Star Destroyer named The Chariot. A small escort carrier with a complement of 24 TIE fighters, and a well armed transport ship capable of carrying over 15000 troopers.

There are over 40000 Imperial troops on Travnin itself, plus an additional 5000 stormtroopers. While they are supposedly ready for rapid deployment throughout the cluster, the regular troops are so ill-prepared and low in morale that they are useless for anything beyond planetary defense, and the stormtroopers spend most of their time keeping an eye on the regulars.

Two customs corvettes in the system, armed with six double turbolaser cannons. Only the customs vessels are normally to be seen outside Travnin, obviously the other ships are held in reserve to protect the sector capital from Rebel attack.

Rumors in the spacer hangouts tell of another imperial ship located in the Gesaril system, and it is used to guard both a prison asteroid and the planet itself. The Light cruiser is heavily armed and carries are squadron of TIE fighters. Gesaril is interdicted and all travel to it is prohibited.

The threat of interdiction and attack gives the Imperial inspectors the power to enforce Imperial laws, and collect taxes. Obviously Numerous spies, smaller scout craft, and Patrol droids are also in use.

Known Imperial NPCs


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