This is the master list of NPCs in alphabetical order

Andoog Cairnu: Male Shivistian (wolfman) graying hair, missing part of his left ear, and a couple of his teeth have been chipped. Wears kahki jumpsuit similar to uniforms of Republic scouts. Flies a Barloz-class freighter the Eyeshine.

Aurin Isarch former owner of Droid shop on Quockra

Blostone Jillsarian strongman

Braydn Kene Magician and storyteller

Breetex a trandoshen that works as a Bounty hunter for Fang

Cohren Kinall comedian in the Minos cluster "“Oh, that isn’t funny? But the (species) find that hilarious”

Captain Dwin Arnae Imperial Customs officer on the Customs Corvette Redoubt

Gaver Bibblo a dirty unkempt human, who is a black market contact on Ardalon.

Chordak a Rodian Captain of the Oo-ta-Goo-ta. (YT-1300, center cockpit) Eeecho is another Rodian and is the co-pilot.

Cratala a female arkanian who is a genius at Cybernetics

Dreegs a male Drall has appointed himself Captain of the Yuna Puna and manages the Traveling troupe

Drun Cairnwick leader of the Rebellion currently imprisoned.

Kal’Falnl C’ndros: Quor’sav female (3.5 meter tall birdlike creature with long neck and legs) well liked, easy going manner, and genuine concern for other sentients, but cautious. Motherly feelings for Rycar which annoys him. flies the Shelltooth a Gymsnor-3 freighter.

Darn Cuthwrite: Sleezy captain of the Gilded Lady (Baudo Class Yacht) Co pilot is a Trandoshen Shek. And two other scruffy humans. Real name is Orys Dystra and is known as the leader of the Dystra pirates. Recently was caught up in a battle outside Travnin. The players have no idea what has happened to him

Dien Tev male Sullustan is crew on the Yuna puna

Eth Kos Zabrak acrobat

EV-8D3 a renegade droid revolutionary

Elis Helor: Givin male smuggler. Flies a Nella 342 Light freighter the Hinthra. Two other Givin and a human male is part of his crew.

Kraghar “Fang” Dhalo Trusted Lt. of Hulagu the Hutt

Fomo Woodstrong a male Nosaurian Chief engineer of the Yuna puna

Gav Aute male human crew on the Yuna puna

Jaylen Kos Zabrak acrobat

Lord Karr a noble on the planet Eliad

Kennfra Nachute. Former bandmate of Kallakabukk but since the last attempt to disrupt a slave auction and the death of two of her members, she has since been working on trying to free the slaves by forming an underground rail road

Khron a trandoshen who works as a butcher and owns a grocery store on Ardalon. Underworld contact for weapons, but refuses to business with players beyond selling goods, due to thier lack of reputation

Kirsen Antis female human crew on the Yuna puna

Mem Vud a male Duros who is the XO of the Yuna puna

Macha Sembhav floonorp player for player with Ral Kiptkin and the Dreadknots

Nabrun Leids: Morseerian (Four armed Methane breather) Friendly rivalry with Rycar Ryjerd. Crew is four, two Morseerian, a gand, and a Chadra-Fan. Pilots a Ghtroc-720 frieghter Scarlet Vertha

Harloth Orden a contact for the underground on Travnin

Hordo Chekkoo an Arconinian factory worker, who distributes illegal Holovids on Ardalon

Nebool a Gotal who owns a used droid shop, on Adarlon works for Xentech

Neena a female human singer with long black hair in her 30s that currently sings at the Grand Design on Travnin

R2-B7 a renegade droid

R2-C9 formerly owned by Marka Durn and now is working on repairing an old Ghrtoc-720 the DeepHopper which he inherited after Durn’s death

Ral Kiptkin human male lead singer and omni-box player for the Dreadknots

Captain Rel Harsol survivor and leader of the SaNalaor

Reom the Twi’lek president of IsoTech, a front for black market technologies.

Rycar Ryjerd: Bimm male. Former partner with Nabrun. Earned a reputation doing gun running in the sector. Quick with stories and quicker with a punchline. Flies a YT-2400 named Rampaging ranat with three other Bimms.

Miccor Rupape Nargalon player with Ral Kiptkin and the Dreadknots

Moff Sarne Highest ranking Imperial in the sector that is a bit of a recluse

Soltre Weltrub Bandfiill player for player with Ral Kiptkin and the Dreadknots

Takeel a Snivvian male, massiff tamer

Trynic: Devorian Captain of The solar flare. A YV-929 armed freighter considered one of the best freighter captains in the sector. Piercing eyes, shrewd bargainer and quick mind. Copilot is Garth, a Yuzzum

Xishel : Self-Exilied Falleen prince turned Pirate

Yav Yiyar a nasty Rodian in change of Yiyar Salvage

Zena Vane a scantily clad female human owns a ‘mainstream’ blaster store on Ardalon and also sells pinup art. Expert marksman and rumored duelist

They are duplicated and organized in other categories:
Other Tramp Freighters
Imperial NPCs
Rebel NPCs
Cluster wide NPC (At large)
And in the middle of the planet pages both Major and Minor (Where applicable)


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