Canon vs legends (rant)

On April 25, 2014, Lucasfilm Ltd. announced that in preparation for the upcoming sequel trilogy, the Expanded Universe would not appear in any future Star Wars materials; past tales of the Expanded Universe will be printed under the Star Wars Legends banner, and a new continuity has been established that consists only of the original six films, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series and film, and all future material from that point onward. Though past elements of the Expanded Universe have been declared non-canon as a whole, they remain a resource for future Star Wars material to reference elements of the EU, thus bringing these elements into the new continuity as canon

Getting up on my soapbox

So what does this mean for my Star wars RPG game? short answer? not much

Ignore the next paragraph if you don’t care about my experiences with star wars

I have been a fan of Star wars for a long time, ever since the 80s when I would play with my Kenner Action figures with myself or my friend and relive the movies that I loved. I also spent many hours on long car rides or during summers listening to the wonderful star wars Radio Drama. (You cannot call yourself a true star was fan until you have listened to that masterpiece of auditory pleasure). I read the books of the movies, watch the movies (orginal standard definition) and even owned “Splinter of a minds eye” a novel of star wars written by one of my favorite authors. In fact, i read and/or owned every single Novel of star wars until Vector prime (more on that later) even the young Jedi knight series. I owned many of the old West End games star wars RPG books. I know star wars, I got the feel.

Obviously Disney wants to merchandise Star wars as much as possible. And instead of digging through the mess of EU and checking things to maintain some continuity they have scrapped it. Now they just go through.. or the writers do.. and cherry pick the things they like and stomping anything they don’t like. I have watched “Star wars Rebels” and even though it is geared towards kids in the 8-12 range they do things that don’t make sense or even follow with established canon. They do whatever they want, and screw any continuity.

For me, Star wars is Space opera. The scope is galaxy spanning, the bad guys are around to be beaten by the good guys and you are there to enjoy the ride on how the good guy saves the day by BEING the hero and fully embracing it. It is the Gunslinger having the showdown. The WWII Flying ace doing fancy flying under a bridge and blowing up the bad guy. Two master swords man facing off. but instead of a gun, it is a blaster, instead of a prop plane, it is a Star Fighter, instead of Swords, it is a lightsaber. The Theme is the same, the setting is differant, and the scope is the whole galaxy. Anything can happen, anywhere, and you can go from a wildcat prospecting mine out in the desert, or a thriving multilevel planet spanning City that is measured in cubic miles in a few hours in your space ship.

there is no limit to what can happen. But you have to think big.

For my game continuity

1. the Movies (including the prequals), the novels of the movies, and the Radio Dramas shouldn’t be contradicted. (Midiclorians were really a cheap writing technique to measure force ability, enough said).
Just ignore the TV movies (Ewoks) and the Holiday special. Even GL admitted they were horrid
2. The other Novels. (exlcuding some dreck like the “”) Mainly settings, some characters. But not the events.
As far as the Vector Prime series, and the Vong war. Think of this. How could a race of Xenophobic creatures who consider self sacrifice a VIRTUE even get into space? Any culture would never have the opportunity to develop any technology beyond farming techniques. It makes no sense. Thankfully it seems the new movies will pretty much contradict anything happening after RotJ

Video games are not included in the above list because a lot of leeway is given for the sake of gameplay. Kyle Katarn was not the one to find the death star plans, nor did he ever become a Jedi… .at least in my universe.

As far as the Force. Stick to the movies. and the upper limit of power should be Yoda lifting Luke’s X-wing from the swamp. YOu shouldn’t be able to use the force to knock down a battalion of stormtroopers, or push a star destroyer to the end of a System.

How hyperdrives work in the game

How does communication work in the game

Canon vs legends (rant)

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