Tag: nemisis


  • EV-8D3

    EV-8D3 (Eightythree) was recently purchased by Ordelve mining to increase the productivity and efficiency of the droids at the mine on the planet [[Trenco | Trenco]]. Without much warning he lead a revolt of the the droids on Trenco and fled the system …

  • R2-B7

    R2-B7 (Beeseven) was hired a few years ago my Oredelve mining to help with the Maintenance of droids and repairs. Records show that he was modifying the other droids and they became more disruptive. The droid recently fled the [[Trenco | Trenco]] …

  • Iceman

    Little is known abut Iceman except he comes from the Nord System and travels in a YV-666 light freighter "Sudden Death" and uses a few DRK-1 Probe droids to aid him in hunting down his quarry.