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  • Crewing the Yuna Puna

    [[File:648133 | class=media-item-align-center | 600px | Noa_s_Ship_Interior.JPG]] Synopsis in the last 2 adventures: The Hero's did their part, and now Andoog has convinced Dreegs to let the Hero's be crew on the ship that will be taking a [[: …

  • Yuna Puna

    [[File:637761 | class=media-item-align-center | wayfarer_1.jpg]] *Crew:* Director/Captain: [[:dreegs | Dreegs]], Male Drall, Pilot: [[:memvud | Mem Vud]], Male Duros Engineer: [[:fomo | Fomo Woodstrong]], Nosaurian Male Cargo Master: Crew: [[: …

  • Dreegs

    His parents were noted researchers working at the Sluis Van shipyards, after the Rise of the Empire his family fled to the outer rim and arrived to live a peaceful life on [[Yelsain | Yelsain]] working at the University as Researchers. Drall was rather …

  • Ral Kipkin

    Full blooded Corellian who spent most of his life as a Smashball player for the Corellian Dreadnaughts as a power forward. Still has the all time Record for most scores in a game (10) and number of consecutive games played (116). He was always one who …

  • Mem Vud

    Has been working as a Trader all his life, and looking to pay off his debts and go independent again.

  • Fomo Woodstrong

    Fomo was sold at at early age to a Family of Nobles who put him to work making primitive goods to sell to others. Abandoned at a space port he applied himself to mechanics to make ends meet and eventually found himself at Yelsain. [[:dreegs | Dreegs]] …

  • Gav Aute

    Seeing the decline of [[Shesharile | Shesharile]] industries, he had the chance to crew on a Merchant vessel, soon found himself marooned on [[Yelsain | Yelsain]] after getting into a fight with another member of the crew

  • Kirsen Antis

    Orphaned in [[Mestra | Mestra]], Kirsen was a Rock-hopper as soon as she could see out a view port of a prospector ship. Got lucky and cashed out of [[Mestra | Mestra]] a few years ago knowing it was a dead end.

  • Dien Tev

    Thinks traveling in space is the best thing anyone could ever do. He has hitchhiked, and worked odd jobs traveling near and far as he could, just for a chance to travel somewhere he has never been before.

  • Blostone

    Abandoned at an early age on [[Yelsain | Yelsain]]. Blostone has spent many years working on farms, and has finally achieved his goal of traveling space, and maybe someday returning to his homeworld

  • Jaylen Kos

    Been traveling with his sister [[:ethkos | Eth Kos]] for several years, constantly protecting her from harm, and her naivete .Hoping some day that they will settle down and open a shop or School

  • Eth Kos

    Loves to be the center of attention, and has no real plan in her life besides performing and being on stage. Constantly trying to preform harder and harder stunts

  • Braydn Kene

    His famous trick which no one has been able to reproduce is teleporting from one chamber to another. He has not come up with anything new, and worries that once someone figures it out his career will be over.

  • Cohren Kinall

    Constantly trying to figure out what makes alien races laugh. And comes up with a routine that works, often will slip up and use the wrong stand up routine, but always gets them to laugh with his standard “Oh, that isn't funny? But the (species) find …

  • Takeel

    Hoping to gain some sort of inspiration in life Takeel heard about the Moot, and thought of it as a great party. Used the last of his saving to travel to [[Yelsain | Yelsain]] and attended. After getting drunk the first bight he found himself in a cage …