Star Wars : EotE Minos

Mestra trouble Brewing (part 1)

Do not order drinks "on the rocks" here

As part of the crew of the Yuna Puna, their benefactor Andoog, has asked them to deliver a couple dozen crates of Fusial Thrust engines secretly to walex Blissex. Making sure The Minos-Mestra corporation, locals, and other Pirates and smugglers do not find out about the delivery. Once the Delivery is made and an encrypted holoprojector is given and used by Walex, they are to make arrangements for future deliveries.

The crew hid the Engines in a nearby asteroid and docked onto Janus-12 the main space port.

During the investigations Pasha discovered a group of Verpines hauling a rupusorcart full of food, sugary drinks, and replacement filters for recycling systems. Followed them to their weird looking ship but didn’t get much information from them.

Kallakabuk didnt have much luck until he found a down on his luck Prospector who recently had some upgrades to his Rockhopper, and was being ostracized by the other prospectors. Zith Dunde was quite please when he found out he was crew on the Yuna Puna.

Sion left a message for an astromech droid for hire in the hopes it might know where in the system Walex would be. Later met the Space dock chief Mechanic a sullustan named X’jan Noko who pointed out Zith Dunde’s ship after given him some info. Sion promised to put X’jan on the VIP list for Ral Kiptins performance.

WHen Sion investigated Zith’s ship he noticed there was some welding sparks coming from the cockpit and Greenie was able to slice into the ship and found someone forced entry into the ship. A dock worker confronted him and called security. But before security arrived a Weequay, and a Stocky human approached with an offer to buy the droid. Sion Declined. and Was told to scram.

The Crew shared notes, and invited ZIth made arrangements to use Zith to transport the cargo. But when he found out his ship was broken into he wanted to see it first hand. The only they they found was the Navigation memory core was replaced with an off the shelf model.

the crew then headed to the “home” of the Protocol droid C3-C33 working with R4-w9 only to find him dying and only wanting to save his friend from the thugs whole stole W9 and left him to die


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