Vaskel Savill

Planetary Senator of Adarlon


Tall Man with long brown hair which is pulled back often into a short ponytail. Long side burns and roguish good looks. Favors short sleeved shirts, allowing room for his bulky arms. Except in formal situations Senator Vaskel keeps the upper buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, revealing a hairy chest

Very boisterous, cocky individual who can back most of his boasts with action.


He is a senior planetary senator who had aspirations to the Galactic senate before it was dissolved by the Emporer, his upward path has been stalled and has turned quickly to the Empire to aid in his advancement.

When he is not attending to political duties he is often going on hunting trips on Adarlon and is a skilled marksman as well as an accomplished big game hunter.

He is often found with his servant droid SE2-4 ("Two-Four) who has been constantly abused and berated by his master

Vaskel Savill

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