Lord Karr

Gambling noble from Eliad


john-noble.jpgLord Karr is a noble who now resides on the planet Eliad. he is a compulsive gambler and often hosts parties where other nobles and friends bet on games of chance. Rumors are his vast wealth has been spent and now has many gambling debts to pay


Was a vocal critic of the “Empire” a few years after the clone wars ended. Since he was good friends of Senator Tomas Odai of Achillea he wanted the power of the Senate restored instead of unilateral power given to the Emperor. Soon after, he was confronted by ISB agents and like many other wealthy nobles given of choice, of death, or exile to Eliad.

Since then due to losing his many mercentile contacts after his exile, he has resorted to running gambling “parties” at his mansion in an attempt to gain more wealth. Since he is not a good gambler he has become to accrue more debt then assets

Lord Karr

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