Star Wars : EotE Minos

The long night of the Yuna Puna

Commandeered to take prisoners from Travnin to Gesaril

Ardalon cargo haul
So when is that other big boot going to drop?
The lost Temple on Travnin (Part 2)
"Many manny manny STAIRS!"
The lost Temple on Travnin (part 1)
Who is that little green guy with pointy ears?
The Vor-Cal (part 2)
At least i didn't get shot at!

THe hunt

holoswitch at the Glow Dome
Who set of a thermonuclear device

The Glow Dome

Crewing the Yuna Puna
Yuna puna means "First class" in Huttese

Synopsis in the last 2 adventures:

The Hero’s did their part, and now Andoog has convinced Dreegs to let the Hero’s be crew on the ship that will be taking a band, and the Traveling Troupe around on a tour of the Cluster.

The Yuna puna is a Modified Wayfarer Medium-class Transport with Detachable Cargo container. At first glance it was obvious some colorblind 3 year old painted the ship, interesting colors. The Hero’s met the other members of the crew, and toured the ship.

The amenities were bare bones. Cheapest bedding, the Medbay was poorly stocked.. if not at all, the food was freeze dried rations and the refresher showers gave everyone headaches. The Yuna Puna was about as first class as a hutt slim pit, without the hutts, or the pit. Sion after some work in the bridge discovered a static problem with the comm system that was caused by an Advanced Subspace Encryption Array.

It seemed the Yuna Puna was painted by Fomo, who’s race is color blind. When Dreegs confronted a sleeping Fomo, he was knocked out and they were both found in the Engine compartment unconscious. after a quick wake up Dreegs was furious at Fomo, and To’Que offered to help by hiring out some help to get the ship repainted. using the last of the funds available for the ship.

Dreegs had appointed himself Captain, and with some reluctance of the crew they allowed their weapons to be secured in a cargo safe, except for To’que who became security officer and retained his dual blasters. Mem was appointed executive officer on the ship and assigned Sion to be ships pilot. Pasha appointed herself liaison between the crew and passengers

When the ship finally was launched it was discovered the landing gear was inoperable, and there was a fault with the internal compensators causing a rough ride if the ship accelerated too fast. Also after the jump to hyperspace Fomo found there was a missing hyperdrive inhibitor. To’que asked for a lock-down of the ship and a search was started. After most of the night the only clues were a mess in the refresher caused by loose plumbing, the Pantry was ransacked, and a recording was found in the conference room that sounded a lot like Kowakian monkey-lizards.

One was soon found in the access space underneath the bridge, confronted and stunned. Another was found in the cargo hold and killed. While the third one was found too late, and it opened up the Masiff cages which completely overwhelmed the Hero’s and Takeel had to overcome his fears and use a badly malfunctioning electrowhip to control them.

The Great Moot
You notice when the color of the sound changes?


GM NOTE: this even took over the course of 4 sessions

The Crew of the Epsilon Explorer landed on Yelsain while the Great moot was still in the process of setting up. They had an exclusive landing pad near the center set aside for Iso-Tech. On Arrival they were met with the main Director of events as a courtesy and welcome. A high strung demanding and weaselly male Drall named Dreegs highlighted some of the events and competitions available.

While wandering around the moot, the Crew is contacted by Andoog Cairnu. He asks them as a favor to help make Ral Kipkin and his band with the Battle of the band competition. Also, wants them to crew the ship that will take them on tour. To be the crew they need to win or do well at some of the moot events and gain some recognition.

Pasha enters in the Sabacc tournament, Sion the swoop races, and To’Que the Gunslinger competition.

The bands competing.. or at least the ones that have a chance of winning… were:
Boba Fett and the assassin droids (Cluster favorite lack of talent band)
Kennfra Nachute and the Life Day band (Twi’lek Female, with 3 Wookiees, playing folk music)
Kip and Tips droid percussion band (Two Ugnaughts using Droids to create music in a musical form of slapstick)
Thal K’sar “The Synthinator” a male Bith performing Eletronica trance music
Ral Kipkin and the Dreadknots. Up and coming Jatz band

A whisper campaign against Kip and Tips Droid percussion band started, and later on they were able to create some technical problems as the band preformed. But later found the MC for the bands .. Dreeg.. was constantly eating a certain brand of crisps and drugged them before the performance allowing a boring replacement of the MC

Pasha met up with the leader of the BFatAD band Kloro Draga and paid him off to throw the show. Also gave him and the Girl he brought to his Tour ship some drugged crisps.

Sion had a meeting with Thal K’sar and realized that the Synthinator was using harmonics and resonance to cause an hypnotic effect, and hoped to win by using them to gain a following. During the performance a riot was incited and the sound system was bypassed to play To’Que’s favorite Ithorian polka music instead. Thal K’sar was shamefully hauled off stage with suspicion of causing a riot.

Talking with Kennfra Nachute, the crew agreed to help them bust up a slaver auction in order for them to throw their performance.

Sion was able to maintain 2nd place through 2 heats of the Amateur division of the Swoop races to make the finals

To’Que performed very well in the distance shooting, and in the Walk through practical application. Being flashy with a Hat and poofy shirt.

Pasha did not do well in the sabacc Tournament, but was able to get at least to the final table with the help of a skifter from Trynic
While Pasha was at the Sabacc tournament, the rest of the crew met up with Kennfra and the 3 Wookiees including, Kallakabukk (aka Bob). They rented a Speeder van and headed towards the Slave Auction. On arrival they were flagged down by a guard outside the shelter, and Sion decided to decelerate a little late, causing a large thump as it hit the guard and said “That’s the Signal!” Combat ensued and the Crew were able to quickly subdue guards and free some slaves including a large Green skinned, Orange haired Alien named that seemed to refer to itself as Gunthar. In the firefight about 15 salves were freed, but the patrons and the Slave master escaped just before imperials showed up. Two of the Wookies (not Kallakabukk) were killed in the attack. Everyone was taken to a Safe house and Kennfra decided to take it upon herself to work on releasing the former slaves safely back into society.

Kallakabukk decided the best option was to Join the crew of the Epsilon Explorer.

To’Que had his Semi-Final “showdown” in the morning. It was against Zena Vane. He really didn’t have the Discipline, or courage to be able to shoot first, but he knew if he survived he could hit second. Everyone was issued a single shot dueling blaster, modified to only shoot to stun. To’Que squared off against Zena, she shot first, but missed, and To’Que was able to knock her out with a shot square on the forehead, allowing him to advance to the finals againstJohaben Hodebrun.

Sion had his final race. After getting shot at by some Hooligans halfway through the course, and shot by Metraa, he had a photo finish, but lost. Near the winners circle Metraa (A young male Rodian) started trash talking Sion, and even through his helmet at him. Finally Metraa pulled his blaster and threatened Sion. Chaos erupted as the Sion fought for his life, and the Rest of the crew fought against Metraa’s allies. Soon the only ones standing were members of the crowd, some guards who finally arrived, and the Crew of the Epsilon Explorer. Both Metraa and Sion were stunned and taken to the drunk tank to cool off, and recover.

After To’Que was Checked in his Dueling blaster for the finale, he was confronted by Johaben Hodebrun. Who told him “Check your pocket”. Later on To’Que found a note, and written on it in a nice Calligraphy was the phrase “Hulahu sends his regards”. He expected the worse, and tried to prepare.

At the Finale, To’Que lost initiative against Johaben and was critically wounded. Pasha and Sion threw smoke grenades to provide To’Que some cover. Johaben’s second, and two snipers in the stands joined the fight against the Crew of the Epsilon Explorer. To’Que wasn’t killed, but it was obvious that his past has caught back up to him.

Beyond the Rim, Finale!
Junk is flying everywhere

Sort Synopsis

The Ugnaughts arrive at scrapheap point to do trading. Instead of Ugnaughts it is “Too Low” and Members of Yiyar Salvage attack. The Hero’s repulse the attack on the docking alcoves, and then enter The Main base hidden ship “Blockade Bandit” Past the blast doors they encounter a small squad of Trandoshins, after neutralizing them the Shipboard defenders press and help repulse the attack. The defenders were lead by Reom, the head of Isotech, and the one who sent them on this mission in the first place.

Once the fighting dies down the players meet with Reom and finalize the deals of the payment. But before things can be finished the Head of scrapheap point, Norta, informs everyone that Imperial patrols are en route, and likely will discover the base. it is decided to evacuate, using the partially repaired Blockade bandit.

Players work under time pressures and get minimal repairs done to help get the ship airborne, before heading to their own ship. avoiding the Imperials attacking. Once airborne, the have to deal with a few TIE fighters, and later on, a Systems patrol craft.

The Epsilon Explorers crew engages the fighters, while the Blockade bandit exchanges fire with the Systems patrol craft. It is a harrowing fight. But they escape to a hidden Isotech base called “Iso-One” in deep space. It is also revealed that the former Captain of the Sa Nalaor, Harsol, was the one captaining the Blockade bandit during the escape.

The hero’s were made partners, and asked to represent IsoTech, at the Great moot, taking place on Yelsain

Beyond the Rim - Episode VII


Pasha stays behind to snoop around. the rest hop on to a cargo skiff and head out on a hunt for items to help IsoTech. They were given coordinates of some fresher dump sites to look for the parts which were as follows:

  • Multi-phase transformer for a Capital ship engine.
  • Power line Splicers.
  • Labor droid servos. And a
  • 2 meter wide sensor dish.

The first stop had a lot of high capacity power cables. it took some effort but some cables were hauled out and they found a cable with splicers attached to it. But before they could hop back on the skiff they notices part of the junk around them was moving as if something was burrowing underneath. A Dimlurker came out. Hideous worm like creature. One end terminates in a grasping, toothless maw, flanked by a pair of long, prehensile tentacles tipped with hard spiked spheres of solid chitin. It was dispatched with haste and Jacen took a souvenir of one of the tentacles.

Second stop they were able to spot several droids working on the Fresh pile of junk. They were able to sneak up on them and surprised the droids, who shouted “Revolution” or the binary equivalent, and who were no match for the concentrated firepower of the Hero’s. Among the junk they did find a 2-meter wise sensor dish…. and droid servos.

At the third stop it was covered in a noxious gas, and the players practically ran into an Ugnaught salvage operation who gave them breath masks. When they found the payers were looking for an engines Multi-phase transformer, they asked them to help them deal with a problem. it seems the Droids in the junkyard were turning more hostile, and instead of aiding salvage operations they were harming it, and seeming not to even want to find salvage to sell. They still wanted some payment, even if they dealt with the problem. To’Que offered a Hutt sex toy. The confused Ugnaughts didn’t know what to say until he showed them the Dimlurker tentacle. The deal was made, and the players went back to scrap heap point to get some more weapons to deal with the Droid problem


Pasha started asking around and found out that there was something more beyond the showroom. From the Alcoves, one of which their ship was in, there were access tunnels to a lower part, of the base, that a lot of the cargo went directly to. With the help of P2-S4M she was able to open the panel and get down to a cargo room. she found a maintenance droid Cz-873 in charge of the Distribution bay. the Droid asked for authorization, and while P2 was able to distract the droid with a data dump, Pasha went further in. Dodging the labor droids she was able to get further in and found a tunnel that was blocked by garbage. She was able to figure out it was a ruse and able to activate a repulsor platform that allowed her further in. She found a well maintained corridor fully lit, but unused. Near a non-functioning turbolift she found a placard that Designated the ship as a CR-90 Corellian Corvette named the “Blockade Bandit”

Quickly making her way back she told CZ-873 that Rewna gave her authorization because P2 need parts for repair. Rewna was furious that a droid was harmed and left in a state of disrepair, and told Pasha to go back to her ship before she left any more clues to her unauthorized access.

The Rest of the players came back and stocked up on Ion grenades and Ion Pistols. Then they went to where the Droids had made a sort of base. taking out a few patrols they moved closer in and found a couple dozen droids working around a cargo freighter that was hooked up to a re-used reactor. The group was soon discovered and a fight broke out. Things were going well until a familiar supervisor droid, and R2 unit came out with an Assassin droid. If would have spelled doom for the players until a group of Ugnaughts rode in and rammed the assassin droid. Allowing enough of a distraction for the players to get closer and disable it.


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