Yuna Puna


Director/Captain: Dreegs, Male Drall,
Pilot: Mem Vud, Male Duros
Engineer: Fomo Woodstrong, Nosaurian Male
Cargo Master:
Crew: Gav Aute, Male Human; Dien Tev, Sullustan Male; Kirsen Antis, Female Human
2 Binary Load Lifters: CLL-EM, CLL-UD
Player Crew: To’Que security; Pasha Nudrana passenger Liason; Sion Shif Pilot, Kallakabukk Wookiee

Band: Ral Kiptkin and the Dreadknots (Miccor Rupape, Soltre Weltrub, Macha Sembhav)

Strongman: Blostone Male Jillsarian
Acrobats/Jugglers: Jaylen and Eth Kos (M/F Zabrak)
Magician: Braydn Kene, Male Human
Comedian: Cohren Kinall, Male Human
Massiff Tamer: Takeel, Male Snivvian

Built 22 years ago by Kuat Systems Engineering (now defunct) the Yuna Puna was bought new by a traveling salesman with more money then sense, and quickly lost his fortune during a pirate attack. It was later found in the outer rim and spent some time as a freight hauler until marooned in the Minos cluster for a few years due to a bad hyperdrive.

It was bought by the Great moot trust fund and repaired to be used by winners in the Great moot and have their performances shared around the Minos cluster. Part of the detachable cargo container has been converted to have 4 extra double bunk cabins. The ship is Very badly maintained and it spends half of it’s life planet side being ignored. The only time it gets any attention is during it’s month long tour, and maybe some frantic last minute attention to make it space worthy before the moot starts.

Yuna Puna means “First Class” in Huttese, and is a Modified Wayfarer Medium-class Transport with Detachable Cargo container

The Ship took off with a number of issues. A hastily covered garish paint job, Landing gear that will not retract, subspace engines with imbalance issues at high thrust, bare bones ammenities, a badly outdated navicomp, and comms static that is caused by a hidden Advanced Subspace Encryption Array

Yuna Puna

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