Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Cool
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
Hydrosphere Arid
Gravity: Low
Terrain: Mountains, forests
Length of Day: 24 Standard hours
Length of Year: 249 local Days
Sapient Species: Humans
Star port: Stellar Class
Population: 4.5 Billion
Planet Function: Trade
Government: Anarchist democracy
Tech Level: Atomic
Major Exports: Wood
Major Imports: Basic Mechanical Equipment, some electronics

A large planet with higher then normal oxygen content it compensates for its size with a normal gravity due to it’s lack of metals, both because of the composition of the crust and the values of the inhabitants, who restrict it’s import and mining. Almost all the inhabitants live in the northern continent for the southern islands are plagued by hurricanes and dangerous wildlife. Yelsain is a forest planet and some of it’s trees grow to 400 meters.

By Galactic standards Yelsain is very rural and backwards. It was settled by colonists from Adarlon who got fed up with the opulence of the place and wanted to escape what they saw as poisons of technology and the chaos of city life. The settlers till their fields with animals and plows. But still use high tech items such as communicators, air cars, advanced medical techniques, and high education. Visors quickly learn to be polite as most everyone carries weapons and duels are common. By the inhabitants laws government is forbidden, but settlers ensure justice is carried out in their neighborhoods. They look unfavorably on offworlders despoiling their planet and eager to punish those who pollute the environment.

Every year, for a weeks time, a grand moot is held in a huge open field a few hundred km north of Tradetown,. merchants from all over the cluster are invited to land their ships there and trade goods with the settlers. Almost half of the worlds population attends this huge gathering, many events and competitions are held during the event


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