Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Tundra
Atmosphere: Type IV (Environment suit required)
Hydrosphere: Toxic
Gravity: Below Standard
Terrain: Mountains, Canyons
Length of Day: 18 Standard hours
Length of Year: 298 local Days
Sapient Species: None
Star port: Landing beacon
Population: None
Planet Function: Mining
Government: Corporate
Tech Level: Industrial
Major Exports: Oridium
Major Imports: None

The planet Trenco is not a very large and inhospitable to most life forms. Its atmosphere is highly hostile — thick caustic clouds of ammonia and methane swathe the world and stinging caustic rain sprays down on the planets benighted surface. The planet is close enough to the systems star that the Stars heat stirs up the cloud banks and whips them in to violent storms. The high winds tear across Trenco’s surface spraying anything in their path with caustic ammonia and shredding anything unprotected with high speed sand storms

Protecting the mine bunker, the entrance, the two landing pads, originally a quadruple redundant Storm Barrier system.


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