The Glow Dome


Did a star Explode over there or is that just the Glow Dome?

Nearly 100 spot-lumas swing and sway in the sky over the place, performing an almost hypnotic dance to the pounding beat emanating from inside. The lumas pulses, swirl, change colors every few seconds, lengthen, shorten, widen, and shrink in sync with the thunderous music. If that wasn’t enough the entire dome roof is constructed of photvoltaic light panels. That means they absorb sunlight all day, then release it at night. As a result, the entire dome is lit up like a star going supernova.

Unlike most bars where you walk in and adjust your visual receptors to the low light. At the Glow dome your eyes let out a cry of pain. Over 10,000 robotically controlled spot luma projectors, varying wildly in size and shape –from micro-thin target beams to mammoth flash beams— provide an impressive array of illumination. Alternate, pulse,strobe, flash, twinkle, or just glow depending on the programming.

Then there are the mood-altering Sense-lights developed by the Dome’s resident genius Dr Lytos Urtell. These amazing units are programmed to display intricate color patterns flashed at a high rate of speed that can only be perceived by the unconscious mind. In theory, they send out relaxing messages and stimulate pleasure centers, the results are a euphoric feeling.

Besides the lights,and the powerful cold-air refreshers to cool things down, a wide variety of other projection units are in use at the Dome, including 500 independent holoprojectors, bubble makers, confetti and streamer hurlers. The Holoproj system is one of the most advanced in the galaxy thanks to holophysicist, Dr Urtell. From the special control booth, the holoprojectors can alter the appearance of almost anything in the club, from the entire interior, to particular sections, to even specific individuals. And with every meter covered by a projector, the illusion can be maintained anywhere inside.

The industrial strength sound system dubbed “The Hexadeca” is so sophisticated that it requires a live operator and four droid brains. Over 1000 separate speakers are strategically placed throughout the club to offer maximum auditory experience. The Hexadeca can make guest bands sound like a professional concert, or better.

The Domes turntable is where patrons can truly be enveloped into the near orgasmic sensory overload. The Turntable is a centrally-located dance floor that moves, spinning slowly enough to get on and off safely, but enough speed to send you tumbling if you are not paying attention. The Turntable gives the phrase “taking a spin on the dance floor” a whole new meaning.

Both on the turntable and on smaller stages around the club, professional dancers gyrate in special reflect body suits that absorb, reflect, and enhance ambient lighting. The dancers clothing swirls, shines, and glows in wild and often hypnotic patterns that move independently of their own exotic physical moves

Everything in the Glow Dome glows to some extent, including the drinks. Some drinks are have natural luminescence, while others have additives, and some just gleam naturally or reflect existing light. Or try the special “Sith Scorcher” that is set on fire before serving.

Owned by Corinna and Kandria A’Daasha

The Glow Dome

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