Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Cold
Atmosphere: Type III (breath Mask required)
Hydrosphere: Dry
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Ash-Desert
Length of Day: 34 Standard hours
Length of Year: 291 local Days
Sapient Species: Humans
Star port: Stellar Class
Population: 2 Billion
Planet Function: Trade
Government: Authoritarian theocracy
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports:Minerals
Major Imports: Smuggled Luxury Items, Machinery

This world has a semi-toxic atmosphere though once it was known as a garden planet. It now has a decaying economy and a repressive political system. Survival and religion are about all most of its populace have time to worry about. A century ago a deep bore mining project caused an enormous volcanic eruption covering the planet with ash and poisoning the atmosphere. The scandal and repercussions ruined the business in charge (The Jesa corporation) but leftover was the corporation rigid moral principles and strange personal beliefs, the people hired by the corporation followed the same beliefs or stepped in line to fit in.

Despite a few rebellions the system is controlled by the Church of Infinite Perception, avoiding the “liberal decadence” and in its place is a rigid, authoritarian fundamentalist theocracy. It is strongly supported by the empire, and has the constant support of 600 stormtroopers at the star port that have been used in crackdowns on political demonstrations.


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