Galactic weekly newsStack (105)
Trying to improve our reputation would be all for Ugnaught

Over a 100 days have gone by since it’s destruction and we still do not have our new Hyperlane that goes through Alderaan. Details in DataPage 0000391

Fight breaks out on hidden rebel base over the REAL speeds of their fighters, and what MGLT is suppose to mean. DataPage 0001453

The Glow Dome on Ardalon promises only to assault your Visual and auditory senses. All other senses will be assaulted by the food and drinks offered DataPage 0001889

Imperial personal department when reviewing Maximillian Veers record, accidentally wrote down he should be more specific which way he turns (think about it) DataPage 0003061

Technotes Volume 21: Why you should buy Shockboots instead of Shock Gloves
1. Being able to use a Martial arts move you saw in a cheesy Holodrama
2. If you are an Aquala and have flippers instead of hands
3. Catchy jingle in Ad DataPage 0003278

Tramp freighter Guilded Lady, which is owned by Pirate Orys Dystra has been seized on Travnin, and the Captain is at large, and looking Darn sexy DataPage 0004382

A new model of IT-O interrogation droids are more scarier, have wheels, and might look like clowns DataPage 0005734

The area around the main spaceport of Shesharile 5 is now controlled by local swoop gangs. Crime unable to run from them DataPage 0006143

Rebel Commando squad, in tell all interview, says that their Generals morning routine is codenamed General Madine-ance DataPage 0006484

Some times you feel like a Religious nut, sometimes you don’t… but you do when you are running Pergitor. Smugglers report huge profit on banned “Luxury” items, like mixed nuts. DataPage 000715

Ad: New selection of blasters, and Pinup art suitable for marksmanship competition at Zena Vane’s Blasters


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