Galactic weekly newsStack (104)
Everyone is looking to Disintegrate us in Alderaan places

A statement was released by Rebel leader Mon Mothma after a successful Imperial raid on a Rebel held research facility “Many boffins died to get that information.” DataPage 0001056

The Band “Boba Fett and the Assassin droids” are declared the first talent-less band, and have sold out their first concert. Threaten to release their first album soon. DataPage 0001829

Incarcerations by the Empire are on the Rise, tramp freighters are now converting to hauling passengers due to large numbers of transports heading to Gesaril. DataPage 0002096

Music loving Noble on Eliad has hired famous Gammoran Opera singer Adele to travel the Minos cluster. Venues across the sector are scrambling to book her, (this might be a euphemism) DataPage 0002382

Overheard at the local Imperial flight simulator “I miss those X-wings, but my aim is improving” “That is because you are flying a TIE/In … I-N means Improved, right?” DataPage 0002704

Technotes Volume 20: What you shouldn’t use a Glowrod for:
1. a grenade (retraction: someone DID fall for it)
2. Finding your local Imperial inspectors soul during a cavity search
3. A lightsaber (it’s illegal!) DataPage 0003218

Legendary concert promoter Dono Black says he is going to Clone Han Solo and go on tour with his new Han Duet, Han Quartet, and eventually Han Choir. DataPage 0003454

BREAKING NEWS: Treasure ship SaNalaor has been found. The treasure is reported to be something bogus like knowledge or true love or friendship. Really? DataPage 0003915

A high level executive of TaggeCo has been abruptly fired for suggesting the re-branding of the company to You-r-itCo. DataPage 0004061

Doubts are rising the gaming community that you can play the game Simon on Darth Vader’s chest panel after rules are released by COMPNOR arts and leisure division. DataPage 0005053

Ad: Large selection of power converters and even the droids your looking for can be found at Fixer’s shop, Toshe Station, Tatooine


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