Galactic weekly newstack (Issue 103)
on the Empire’s most wanted list, we won’t stop until we are number one (not really)

Renowned Wookiee explorer Chuundar finds small primitive furry bipeds on forest moon in the Zuma sector. Going to name them “Mini Me” DataPage 0001342

Famous large corusca gem “The Jewel of Yavin” recently assessed by Galacticon Insurance at 200,000 credits. 200,000 insurance companies refuse to insure it. DataPage 0007333

Inhabitants of Yelsain getting ready for annual Moot, Plan on avoiding running “Dry” like last year where a barrel of Tyrellian Ale was selling for 400 credits near the end. DataPage 0010421

Reports are in that famous bounty hunter Boba Fett is just a tiny alien in a droid chassis controlling it with levers and pulleys. DataPage 0012456

Retraction: We would like to apologize to Boba Fett for the above INACCURATE article, and hope he stops collecting the bounties on our reporters in retaliation DataPage 0012457

Technotes Volume 18: Common misuses for the Saladar Systems PED-21 distress beacon:
1. Advertising (12 programmed languages over all S&R frequencies)
2. Intoxication warning for bartenders (can be linked to bio sensors on most environmental suits)
3. as a hammer DataPage 0018621

General Maximilian Veers to host an AT-ST dancing competition on Carida to find new members of his Thundering Herd squadron.. It was to “Target maximum dance power!” DataPage 0019911

New rumors that the crew of the treasure ship Sa Nalaor were eaten by carnivorous battle droids looking for “More input”. (We swear we are not making this stuff up!) DataPage0021881

To correct an error, 3 comlinks have purposely been reclassified as Imperator-Class Star Destroyers and are for sale as Naval surplus with a huge markup that has bankrupted at least one planetary government DataPage 0024113

During a torch lighting ceremony to celebrate the fire rings of Fornax, former senator Organa’s hair caught fire making her mad. Also Created hot cross buns. DataPage 0027941


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