Minos Tramp Freighters

Andoog Cairnu: Male Shivistian (wolfman) graying hair, missing part of his left ear, and a couple of his teeth have been chipped. Wears kahki jumpsuit similar to uniforms of Republic scouts. Flies a Barloz-class freighter the Eyeshine.

Chor-dak a Rodian Captain of the Oo-ta-Goo-ta. (YT-1300, center cockpit) Eeecho is another Rodian and is the co-pilot.

Darn Cuthwrite: Sleezy captain of the Gilded Lady (Baudo Class Yacht) Co pilot is a Trandoshen Shek. And two other scruffy humans. Real name is Orys Dystra and is known as the leader of the Dystra pirates. Recently was caught up in a battle outside Travnin. The players have no idea what has happened to him

Elis Helor: Givin male smuggler. Flies a Nella 342 Light freighter the Hinthra. Two other Givin and a human male is part of his crew.

Kal’Falnl C’ndros: Quor’sav female (3.5 meter tall birdlike create with long neck and legs) well liked, easy going manner, and genuine concern for other sentients, but cautious. Motherly feelings for Rycar which annoys him. flies the Shelltooth a Gymsnor-3 freighter.

Nabrun Leids: Morseerian (Four armed Methane breather) Friendly rivalry with Rycar Ryjerd. Crew is four, two Morseerian, a gand, and a Chadra-Fan. Pilots a Ghtroc-720 frieghter Scarlet Vertha

R2-C9 formerally owned by Marka Durn and now is working on repairing an old Ghrtoc-720 the DeepHopper which he inherited after Durn’s death

Rycar Ryjerd: Bimm male. Former partner with Nabrun. Earned a reputation doing gun running in the sector. Quick with stories and quicker with a punchline. Flies a YT-2400 named Rampaging ranat with three other Bimms.

Trynic: Devorian Captain of The solar flare. A YV-929 armed freighter considered one of the best freighter captains in the sector. Piercing eyes, shrewd bargainer and quick mind. Copilot is Garth, a Yuzzum

Minos Tramp Freighters

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