Type: Asteroid Field
Temperature: Frigid
Atmosphere: Type IV (Environment suit required)
Hydrosphere Arid
Gravity: Low
Terrain: Asteroids
Length of Day: 45 Standard hours
Length of Year: 611 local Days
Sapient Species: Humans, Various aliens
Star port: Stellar Class
Population: 18 Million
Planet Function: Trade
Government: Corporate controlled
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports:Minerals
Major Imports: Luxury Items, Machinery

The Mestra system contains one of the largest asteroid fields in the Galaxy. There are no planets in the system at all. The entire system is littered with asteroids, hundreds the size of small moons, and some of these rocks are full of valuable ore. Legends are that the planets in the system were destroyed in a great war and miners hope to find ancient alien artifacts of value inside the caves on certain asteroids.

The system is controlled and managed by Minos-Mestra, a corporation specializing in mining and large scale manufacturing. At one time Minos-Mestra was owned by a wealthy galaxy spanning megacorperation called VernanGroup. When the Economy of the Cluster began to fail after the fall of the Old Republic, VernanGroup sold its operations here to local investors. Now Minos-Mestra is run purely for short term profits and has become even more harsh and ruthless. The miners are freelancers in name, but Minos-Mestra is the only organization in the system licensed to buy and sell ore, and has a monopoly on most vital goods and services in the system. In reality the miners are more indentured servants. Minos-Mestra patrol it with their own ships and control all imports and exports, especially the export of ore.


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