Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
Hydrosphere Moist
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Urban
Length of Day: 19 Standard hours
Length of Year: 204 local Days
Sapient Species: Kari (N)
Star port: Stellar Class
Population: over 88 Billion (An accurate census is impossible)
Planet Function: Homeworld,Trade
Government: Feudal clan structure
Tech Level: Information
Major Exports: Servo-neuro motors for droids, small machine parts
Major Imports: Food, communication devices, minerals.

This world is one of the most wildly overpopulated planets in the Galaxy, essentially one giant city The surface of Karideph is covered by endless rows of carefully tilled gardens, filled with tightly crowded plants, every centimeter of land is some way cultivated including the terraced mountain ranges. Even the sea is as carefully tended as are the fields. A few enormous cities with buildings dot the planet with buildings so tall the upper extents need to be pressurized. Despite these buildings the however most of the Kari live underground in huge tunnel systems as far as 12 kilometers in depth as far as is habitable from Kari before getting too close to the mantle.
Because of the population it is one of the economic hubs of the cluster Importing a massive amount of food stuffs and raw material. The Kari primarily manufacture small appliances and machine parts for export, but because most of their effort is to create food they do not have the export potential form such a large population. Their exports are still large compared to Cluster standards.

Like other galactic cultures the Kari have the same systems of leaders and workers, complex hierarchies, and religious structures so common in other societies. The base group in Karian society is a “Hatch” which is a family of 20 to 30 Kari. Each hatch has unique personalities, and form the individuals, thus each kari of a Hatch share a single name. Each hatch has at least one singer and the larger more important ones may have several. The singers gather and pass on information from Kari to Kari and from hatch to hatch.

Many singers among the Kari, and especially the ruling Hatches see the Empire as the group mind of many creatures, dominated by sub-units called human. They view this entity as schizophrenic and extremely dangerous. They describe how the Empire entity is no longer able to communicate with itself properly and edging towards self-destruction, or a new Concept “insanity” and limit all contact with the Empire fearing it’s insanity.

Another group of Hatches holds a different view. These Kari see aliens as basically clever animals, they cannot help but look upon individuals as inferior to Kari group mind, and should learn all they can from these animals, and then assume their rightful place in the Galaxy as master of them all.


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