Holocom, and Communication in star wars via Holonet

  • Communication with a ship in hyperspace is impossible with current technology
  • There are no relays or hypertransceivers in hyperspace for the Holonet
  • All communications in Starwars outside of hyperspace is instantaneous.
  • Ships use hypertransceivers and communicate with others that have hypertransceivers, long range comlinks can also relay to ships hypertransceivers.

A common device found across the galaxy, comlinks come in a variety of forms depending on their function and user. Each allows for audio messaging between two parties though advanced models can transmit multiple users or network groups together. Personal comlinks are often small, hand-held cylinders capable of communicating over distances into low orbit. Some models are built into helmets and armor segments. Longer-range versions are usually carried as large satchels or in backpacks, and can reach across a planet and to ships in high orbit (or even elsewhere in the same star system). Most operate on a standard net of frequencies that can be adjusted as desired to elude detection.

Also known as subspace transceivers, hypertransceivers are used for nearly instantaneous, faster-than-light communications between star systems. While not as advanced and efficient as those linked to the HoloNet, hypertransceivers can send messages several light years, with powerful models able to transmit up to 100 light years. Most planets in the galaxy are integrated into a local subspace network independent of the galaxy-spanning HoloNet, with hyperspace transceivers on deep-space relay satellites to create sector-wide communications grid.

Most starships have hypertransceivers to send long-range messages and transmit distress signals. Small, portable hypertransceivers are also available, with ranges up to about 25 light years. Utilizing local subspace systems, these transceivers can potentially send a message anywhere in the galaxy, routing the transmission across networks. Many smugglers and assorted criminals prefer to send messages using private hypertransceivers rather than the HoloNet in order to make their communications harder to detect and trace.

The HoloNet is one of the crowning achievements of galactic civilization; a nearly instantaneous galaxy-wide communications network. By routing information through millions of hyperwave transceivers and routers, the Empire enjoys a peerless means of communication.

HoloNet relays, however, are ruinously expensive, and many planets on the Rim must do without. In addition, the Empire regulates the HoloNet and has reserved much of it for military use. However, for those who can afford it, a portable HoloNet relay is one of the few ways a colony can obtain instantaneous communication with the rest of the galaxy. The signal may be interrupted by jamming, environmental factors, or Imperial interference).

Most communications that are powerful enough can be transmitted to a Holonet relay. Hyperwave transceivers then transmit the messages along S-threads, popularly known as Simu-Tunnels. S-threads. were extremely small Hyperspace tunnels and coordinated hyperspace matrices used to ferry communications waves through. Due to their incredibly small dimensions, it was virtually impossible to intercept communications through an S-thread; the only way to do so was to attach a listening device to the Hyperwave transceivers responsible for managing information through the S-threads.

During the time of the rebellion communications via the Holonet were heavily monitored and restricted by the Empire. Most holonet communications in the outer rim are made difficult by the lack of Holonet relays and have to rely on a network of Hyperwave transceivers which have limited range.

GMs note:
One of the problems with the Disney takeover is not for some reason communication can occur while in hyperspace. We have seen it in Star Wars Rebels, and now in The Force Awakens. To me, this is more of a writers mistake when dealing with a transition between one scene and another.

The Millenium falcon could have easily received a message while traveling from Tatooine to Alderaan that thier destination had been destroyed. Also the Rebel fleet could have been notified en route to the Battle of Endor that the shields had not been destroyed, and could have waited at a nearby system until they had confirmation instead of running into a trap. Allowing for jumping in blindly allows more suspense, and “Do or die” situations.


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