Epsilon Explorer

Formally the Krayt Fang. A CEC YT-1300 Light transport was owned by Trex (Deceased) a Trandoshen slaver. The players hijacked it during their escape from Mos Shuuta. After exposing the Teemo the hutt to Jabba, they had engine baffles installed to mask the transponder and were able to register it under it’s new name.

While getting repairs at Scrapheap point on Shesharile 6 they upgraded the weapons: Replacing the Dorsal Canon with a Heavy Laser cannon, and then moving the old medium laser cannon and linking it up with the other one on the Ventral side. As well as adding an improved targeting array


  • A permanent stench on-board the ship of rotting partially cured wookiee pelts that has resisted all efforts to be eradicated. (+1 setback for all negotiations and charm checks while on board, +2 if it involves Wookiees).
  • some occasions when reverting from hyperspace that Trex’s favorite gammorean opera singer ‘Adele’ will blast over the ships intercom
  • The ‘Weight on wheels’ interlock that prevents the dorsal/ventral cannons from firing while the landing gear were being used has been removed.

The ship still had one of it’s cargo holds converted with force cages to hold slaves , which as now been removed due to not having the proper permits to carry slaves.

Number of times it has been reduced to less then 5 Hull threshold: 2

Epsilon Explorer

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