Type: Jungle
Temperature: Tropical
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: Wet
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Jungles, Forests, mountains, oceans
Length of Day: 20 Standard hours
Length of Year: 323 local Days
Sapient Species: None
Star port: None
Population: Unkown/Transient
Planet Function: Big Game hunting, Mining
Government: None
Tech Level: Primitive
Major Exports: Exotic Flora and Fauna
Major Imports: High Technology, Information, Medicines

Capsule: This is a remote and isolated world located at the outer edge of the outer rim with only wild space beyond. Those few who have heard of the world usually only know it as the home world of the Nexu. A fast fearsome four legged cat-like beast with a mouth full of razor teeth.

The terrain is ragged irregular and is covered in deep forest or jungle depending on the latitude.

Sa Nalaor Survivors:

  • Numerous Battledroids, Astromechs, and Maintinace droids in poor states of repair and functionality. Presumed Destroyed by the EMpire
  • A worn functional medical droid in the Medical shack Presumed Captured by the Empire
  • Cybernetically enhanced Nexu Presumed captured by the Empire
  • Captain Ral Harsol male human commander of the SaNalaor Rescued
  • Cratala a female Arkanian. Genius cybernetics specialist. Rescued
  • Ninan, a diehard Separatist Aqualish engineer and mechanic. Works in the Garage of the Retreat. Several other survivors assist him part-time, and a heavily repaired astromech droid, R2-6N, assists him as well. Ninan is one of the older survivors. He is slow-moving and relies on his aides and droid to carry out detailed repair work and create new items and tools needed by the survivors. He rarely leaves the garage. Deceased
  • Rewna is a middle-aged female human with long red hair that is starting to turn grey, who was an apprentice droid mechanic when the ship crashed. Is assisted by a well worn Astromech designated RS-J1 Rescued
  • Feno Gamoc is the Sa Nalaor’s most senior engineer and is responsible for keeping the generator going. A team of six middle-aged technicians carry out the work with a R3 astromech droid. They make occasional scavenging trips to the Sa Nalaor to find parts. Rescued

Left on Cholganna and presumed to now be taken and controlled by the Empire

  • The Wreck of the Sa Nalor, and the undiscovered “Treasure Vault”
  • Cargo Floater “Zola”


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