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  • Rebel_NPC

    [[:drun | Drun Cairnwick]] imprisoned leader of the Rebellion in the cluster _more to come as they are introduced_

  • Minos Tramp Freighters

    *[[:andoog | Andoog Cairnu]]*: Male Shivistian (wolfman) graying hair, missing part of his left ear, and a couple of his teeth have been chipped. Wears kahki jumpsuit similar to uniforms of Republic scouts. Flies a Barloz-class freighter the _Eyeshine_. …

  • Kraghar “Fang” Dhalo

    Used to be an bounty hunter, then hired by Hulagu the hutt to be an enforcer. Hulagu was so pleased by how Kraghar performed in giving out a Hutt's form of justice. Kraghar built such a reputation doing Hutt justice that even his presence would start to …