Tag: VorCal


  • Vaskel Savill

    He is a senior planetary senator who had aspirations to the Galactic senate before it was dissolved by the Emporer, his upward path has been stalled and has turned quickly to the Empire to aid in his advancement. When he is not attending to political …

  • Damara Decrill

    Rumors are that she is doing this as a favor for Lord Karr, or she fell out of favor with someone and is being "punish" by having to do the Vor-Cal.

  • Corell Montique

    Quite proud of his return to the Vor-cal and is working closely with [[:vaskel | Vaskel]] to claim the mining rights to a small mountain chain on [[Adarlon | Adarlon]] Has recently started training a Vornskr to aid him in his hunts, and only willing to …

  • Quinn Sheffiled

    Most people make the mistake of thinking him as a "Bumbling old fool" but he is on the Advisory board of the University and has been the leader at the university in helping it transition during the Rise of the Empire.

  • Casimir Everard

    Professional bounty hunter, for the right amount of credits he has no qualms hunting anybody ,or anything. Prefers the company of his modified ASP-4 hunting droids then any sentiants

  • Kyla Latrel

    A high-level corporate manager at Minos-Mestra intent on someday landing a spot on the Board of Directors. Not there yet, but has enough pull to get an invitation on to the Vor-cal as the corporation's representative.