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  • Captain Dwin Arnae

    Dwin joined the Imperial Navy at and early age to make himself useful and give the Empire the benefit of his "extraordinary" abilities (His own opinion). He is dedicated to his job, far more then anyone else in the SIO and desires is to collect as many …

  • Captain Rel Harsol

    Career naval officer of the (old) Republic fleet. Several years before the clone wars he served on the bridge on the personal cruiser of a republic senator. WItnessing the corruption of the republic first hand as the Senator made many deals to further …

  • Iner

    Captain of the _Starwind_ -Pleasure yacht *Comet smasher* with wookiee co-pilot Tarrfal The ship has been heavily modified to haul cargo instead of passengers and crew, and increased speed to outrun blockades and pirates.