Star Wars : EotE Minos

Treasure of Celis Mott
He sells Xishel?

The players come to Yelsain in the hopes of learning more about the mysterious treasure ship Sa Nalaor and more about the Kathol Rift that was referenced in Pasha‘s father’s journal at the renowned university

Sion goes to the Library, Pasha has trouble contacting a History Professor, and ToQue goes bar hopping with Greenie as a a wingman/droid.

Sion gets some success, and opens up a classified document that reveals there was an Imperial scouting expedition beyond the Kathol RIff lead by a Lt Sarne. Tripping the alarms and alerting the local imperial security.

Pasha learns that the last known sighting of the SaNalaor was outside the Karideph system. Their was a fierce battle and the ship disappeared. When asked about something her father knew beyond the kathol rift. he gets worried, and arranges to meet Pasha later.

Greenie turns out to be a horrible wingman, but after buying a person’s drink her learns of a more reliable story of the SaNalaor

SIon gets taken into custody by Imperials and questioned why he was searching through classified information, ends up revealing the names of his “Passengers” and the ship he is on. after letting him sweat they let him go and warn him to stay away from the Kathol sector.

Pasha and To’Que arrive back the ship and wonder where Sion is. Around sunset a messenger arrives and hands Pasha a non-descript package. She goes into the ship and finds a low quality holorecording of some sort of test called ‘Darkstrider’ that caused a flame to shoot out of some object.

As Sion arrives he hears a voice calling out to him. it is an old spacer friend of Sions former captain Marka Durn. Gives a cryptic message “Mott’s treasure… Bay 15… Engine’s lee…. beware sea shell” before expiring from a sucking chest wound. The people who shot him soon arrive and a fight breaks out. After a few losses and Sion being knocked down they leave.

Going to bay 15 they find a Ghrtoc-720 in a sorry state of dis-repair with an engine removed and parts everywhere. The ring the doorbell and a voice replies, after some confusion they are let onboard to find an R2 unit on the top of the ramp to greet them. one that has been fitted with a Vodcoder. They figure out where the “lee” is and find a data disk that gives coordinates and a communication code.

Before returning to their ship they spot some people outside Bay 15 keeping tabs on them.

On returning to the ship they are confronted by a dozen people in armor. They lead them to their ship where they meet a Falleen XIshel who offers then a substantial amount of credits for the datadisk. The players refuse and Xishel leaves with his guards.

The players send P2-S4M outside to check for a homing beacon and try to figure out what to do. within minutes the droid races back and warns that they are under attack. a dozen beings are setting up a Hvy repeating blaster . They ask P2-S4M to disable the “weight on wheels” cut off of the laser cannons and the players make haste to leave before they take too much damage. P2-S$M is successful but informs the players the landing gear now has to be operated manually, since he broke that part bypassing the switch

As they activate the repulsors a pair of fighters closes. and give pursuit as they leave the atmosphere. they don’t seem to be wanting to close and the ships makes a short jump to the asteroid field that the coordinates in the datadisk give. The eventually find a large asteroid and make way to a pit following a beacon and find a spacers chest with the Initials “CM”

Before they make it back to their ship they notice two fighters streak by, and they quickly take off and are pursued with deadly force. P2-S4M makes some great plotting and they are able to easily leave the fighters behind but are hit by Torpedoes before making the jump to hyperspace.

They detected a corvette in the distance but in never got close

Novak Beacon
We'll do anyhting for 5000 credits!

After reverting from Hyperspace to the Shesharile system they are Hailed by a a couple of TIE fighters. The players heave-to and wait for a customs corvette to arrive from the other side of the system. Customs Corvette Redoubt with Capt Dwin Arnae docks and boards them. There is a tense momment when To’Que thinks to be smart and sass off. Soon thinks better of it with the numerous Storm Troopers on the ship. Several fines are assessed by Captain Arnae and the players are allowed to continue. For some reason the Captain doesn’t even BOTHER to search the cargo… stupid officer

The arrive planetside and find a makeshift hanger made out of carved out containers. a score of sentient are there and a few are wrangling droids to move cargo around to replusor vehicles. An argument starts when the Chief of the hanger Greelo Chekkoo tries to unload ALL of the cargo. instead of paying a small fee the crew of the Epsilon Explorer ends up cross docking the freight and unloading it. Halfway through the unloading one of the droid wranglers is killed by slugthrower sniper fire. The Hangers E-web crews were firing and were quite ineffective. Sion and To’que find there are two snipers and persue, losing them in the debris and junk.

But Greeloo gives them a datapad for an invite to meet with a Shivistian named Andoog.

After finishing unloading their cargo they travel to a minor planet named Sirilac. It is a bit of a freeport on a toxic (but breathable type I atmosphere) planet that mainly uses slaves to mines sulfer from an active volcano. THey arrive early and start mucking about with the Locals. To’que tries selling his illegal holovids at the small open air market and leaves wehn he is asked to pay a fee. Then makes some ant-slavery posters and posts them around town. Sion tries to get into a fighting ring but decides against it.

THey arrive at docking bay 42 during the appointed time and see an old Barloz-Class freighter dominating the Docking bay, as well as many awnings and tents set up as a sort of picnic. Several other tramp freighter captains are there as well as their crews. Specifically: Trynic, Kal’Falnl C’ndros, Nabrun Leids, Rycar Ryjerd, Darn Cuthwrite, and Elis Helor. Rycar is spinning tales and entertaining the other captains.

The players mingle until Andoog shows up and offers them a test. 5000 pick up at an undisclosed location and a bonus of 5000 to be the first to deliver.

Kal’falnl C’ndros approaches the players and asks for assistance in splitting the prize money for sharing information. The players are not interested in helping unless they get paid up front. This discourages Kal, and she leaves to get her ship ready.

Soon they leave Sirilac and the datapad with an Envelope program gives them coordinates to the first stop. it is near the Novak beacon, a Yellow supergiant that spews radiation and plasma. the race is on, and the player are the the third to get the transmission from the Nav Bouy before Darn cuthwrite blows it up. Nabrun and Rycar didn’t get the information in time, but Kal’falnl takes pitty and shares it.

Next stop is Novak point, a deep space station that has been around since the sith war. used as refueling station and drop off point. They need to wait exactly 15 minutes from arriving before a dockworker shows up and give them a previously agree sign “The mynocks are bad this month”

Upon leaving and beforeDarn Cuthwrite jumps to hyperspace they get a message identifying him as leader of the Dystra pirates and to attack as soon as they revert on the next stop. The players decide to wait out, and let Trynic and Cal’faln head out before them.

On reverting they see a non-local Imperial customs corvette and the their Luxury liner “Destination: Adventure” a ways off. The Imperials hail them and let them pass. but soon a few other MBX-Pacifier ships leave from hyperspace and start attacking Cal’Fal. Avoid all possible conflict the players head towards the luxury ship.

They are directed to relax at the lounge and wait. Soon the other tramp freighter captains trickle in. Cal’fal seems a little shell shocked from her ordeal. Rycar regales the players of his exploits and the fact he gained a 1000 credit bounty for destroying one of the pirates. Elis asks them to split cargo with him and the players decline.

Later Andoog shows them the cargo contained Mag-pulse warheads (designed to disable a ships weapons) and gives them the 5000 credit bonus for coming in first, and lets them know it is a retainer for future services

Interlude: From Eliad to Ardalon
Time to go shopping


The players decided to quickly leave Eliad after their meeting with Lord Karr that did not go very well. One of the things they were really looking for was an Astromech droid. And the consensus was that Ardalon was the best option.

Upon landing the made some inquiries and were given the name of a contact who dealt with illegal weapons. But when contacting Khron, he would not work with them, and gave them the name of someone else. It was there they were offered a Drop point contract for a pickup deep in the mountains ranges of Ardalon and deliver them to Shesharile.

As the used droid shop they decide on a rebuilt P2 style astromech droid with the same Intellex IV computer as the R2 models. (GMs note, the P2 is suppose to be 2.3 meters tall, I changed that, it was silly) it was designated P2-S4M and was painted Green with white racing stripes.

The players went their separate ways and it wasn’t until their new droid was asked to help, being helpful and knowing the public InfoNets wouldn’t have anything good, the droid sliced into the Mercents guild and found some better cargos. The cargo was loaded and a side trip to a Jet Ski resort was taken, it was near the pickup point for the illegal cargo.

During a meal at the resort they saw Iceman land and apprehend a bounty. “Bounty hunter business, go back to your drinks”

After pickup up the cargo and moving around some of the legit cargo in front they were able to find a gap in the systems patrol and head out for Shesharile

Debts to Pay
You bet 16k and what do you get?

This adventure follows the Edge of the Empire Adventure “Debts to pay” found in the gamemaster screen. SPOILERS AHEAD, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

The players get back to the Eliad spaceport without much trouble. Talk was made of shopping for equipment and maybe an astromech droid. When they get back to their ship Lord Karr is waiting for them with a couple of guards. He asks them to collect the profits on a recent deed he has one of an Ordilium mine out on the planet Trenco. If the money is collected he would consider Sion’s debt to him paid.

Shortly after the agreement a trio of thugs confronted Lord Kaff about his debt, and a fight ensued. When the fight ended the only people standing were the players and Lord Kaff who complained about the lack of Respect he is getting. Dismissed allegations he is behind on his debt, but reiterated how important it was to end Sion’s debt, by collecting from the mine.

preparations were made and they blasted off.

When the arrived at the planet they saw a Toxic wind swept atmosphere obscuring the surface below. Scans showed life signs below the surface, near an area of relative calm about 100 km in diameter. The only response they got from the surface was a landing beacon in the center of the Calm.

Coming in for a landing they see a bunker near the landing pad. They enter and find the base is quite quiet. The first clue something is wrong is when they find 4 dead bodies in the canteen being served by a clueless cook droid. All 4 were shot in the back. That and an announcement over the base PA warns that a “Storm shield generator” has been destroyed Finally after further explorations they find a deactivated Administration droid who is quite helpful but cannot remember what happened. The players befriend the droid and were able to access the records of the mine and the safe with 165000 credits.

The players begin to suspect the base was attacked, but no idea whom. When the reach the entrance to the mine shaft several droids including an EV supervisor droid standing guard to the entrance. The droids are disarmed and another shield generator is destroyed as they enter the mine.

They find the miners barricaded at a way point station and the players find out the Droids are the one attacking the miners, not pirates. The players armor up the repulsor vehicle they used and head back to the entrance.

A fight takes place as the droids are trying to prevent the players from escaping. The supervisor droid is not to be found, except when the reach the other landing pad and find he has escaped.

Quickly the players make it to their ship and head out to one of the shield generators and via some fancy piloting through the windy canyons they were able to destroy the airspeeder used by another droid to destroy the shield generators.

When the get back the ship they meet with the Miner leader and he accuses them of theft, and needs the money stolen to get the mine running again. A heated argument begins between Posha and the Miner leader. Finally the players leave with 94000 credits

When the meet Lord Karr again he is quite pleased with the return of the credits, but doesn’t care about the mine. The players admit they took their cut of 10000 credits, but failed in negotiations and Lord Karr when on a Tirade and stormed off in a huff.

First taste of Minos
What the sith is going on?

The players start in Mos Eisely. They need a job, and a way to make the Krayt Fang (A ship they stole from the now dead Trandoshen slaver Trex) their own ship. They rename the ship Epsilon Explorer

They make contact with “Big Bungy”, a local crime boss, and find a way to get baffles on their ships engines to mask the transponder. They they are given a poor paying Milk run to Minos as a way to pay for the trip.

The trip to the minos cluster in uneventful. They land on Travnin and are confronted by the customs officer Lt. Zan Starkos who informs them the ship is impounded and quarantined until they procure a Minos Cluster trade permit.

After going through Travnin red tape, they wind up at the Local Spacer bar “The Grand Design” and contact Harloth Orden for a job. Basic Drop point shipment to Eliad 3000 credits to haul, 3000 on delivery.

After reversion to Eliad they are jumped by pair of Y-wings and make a run for a Debris field. Soon Two more Y-wings join, and a final pair. The players are attacked by Ions only, and end up destroying two Y-wings. The Players soon broadcast a distress beacon and the Y-wings break off.

At the Eliad spaceport they are contacted by the Customs official, a Lt Stan Korfos. Pasha flirts with him and end up setting up a date. Only a cursory glance is made of the cargo.

Sion ends up joining a gambling party hosted by a Lord Kaff. To Que joins him. Sion makes a bet on swoop races and losses. Lord Kaff makes a mention of hunting Nexu. To Que finds out Lord Kaff is in debt.

Pasha ends up going on her date with the customs officer, he wanted more and was quite upset when he got snubbed later in the date.

The players in the morning go to an abandoned barn to finish delivering. A Y-wing strafes the barn destroying it and a Personal carrier full of troopers ambushes them, stunning the players. They wake to find the cargo taken. No explanation why

Interlude: From Tatooine to Minos
21 days in hyperspace and what do you get?

It was decided some players wanted different characters.

Paul V: A duel blaster wielding “Marxist” male Twi’lik. Named To Que
David: A Thief, who is obsessed with Smashball, Human male named Sion Shif
Kathleen: A Politico female human, betrayed by her family and on the run. Hoping to discover some lost secrets of her late father. named Pasha

Long arm of the Hutt Part 2
YOu want to do what to a hutt?

After the party it was decided by the group they had information, but they needed hard evidence, that meant sneaking back into Teemo’s palace.

An audiance with a Genosian Duke allowed them to convince him to break contact with Teemo. and a couple of smugglers were going to be going to Mos Shuuta shortly.

On the Gantry to the smuggler ship they were stopped by Trex and the Gand bounty hunter. The PCs found some new allies:

Paul W: played an AWOL stormtrooper named Te’Kal
Roberta: Played a “Chadra’fan” named Bob

Bob was able to convince the smuggler to move the ship closer, and the bounty hunters were taken out.. .and later dropped down the shaft.

They were able to sneak into Teemos palace and extract the information from his computers, and soon later Teemo was taken to see Jabba the Hutt

Long arm of the Hutt Part I
Payback time for mr Hutt

The players go through the adventure of “Long Arm of the Hutt

Continuing their adventure they decide to help the residents of New Meen.

Unfortunately they were unaware of their new popularity and were almost captured by a group of bounty hunters. until Lowwrick was stunned and dragging to a cave. Sadly it was a Lylek den and the bounty hunters became a tasty snack.

It was thought the players might need to make a stand at New Meen, but the local thugs were going to get more help before confronting the settlers directly. It fell to the heros to force the confrontation. WHich went so well, that they were able to capture the leader and interrogate him for information, realizing someone was trying to get into the Ryll trade.

One thing led to another and they were invited to a party on Geonosis to hopefully get more information from a Duke, and maybe some more contact information.

The party went well, so well Pasha was able to effectively seduce the Gand bounty hunter at the party.

The Beginning
Escape from Mos Shuuta


Our players ran through the Adventure in about 4 hours play time.

Kathleen played a gender swapped version of Pash the Smuggler (Pasha)
David played Shasha the Explorer
Paul V played Lowwrick the Maruader

They made quick work of the gammoreans, paid off the junk dealer for the HDMI. Blasted their way into the Control Center and forced the overseer at gunpoint to give clearance for the Krayt Fang.

The Hero’s ran from the Stromtroopers to the Docking bay. Using the ruse of being mechanics to fix the Krayt Fang, Trex the trandoshen slaver didn’t believe them, and was taken out quickly. After a quick look at the ship they decided to leave when stormtroopers started setting up an E-web repeating blaster.

On their way out of the system they were accosted by 4 TIE fighters, and with their ship barely holding together were able to jump to hyperspace.

After dealing with some minor emergencies on the ship they found Bu’ra Ba’an a Twi’lek underground leader. The idea of free repairs was too good to pass up and they made the trip to Ryloth.


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