Star Wars : EotE Minos

The Vor-Cal (part 2)
At least i didn't get shot at!

THe hunt

holoswitch at the Glow Dome
Who set of a thermonuclear device

The Glow Dome

Crewing the Yuna Puna
Yuna puna means "First class" in Huttese

Synopsis in the last 2 adventures:

The Hero’s did their part, and now Andoog has convinced Dreegs to let the Hero’s be crew on the ship that will be taking a band, and the Traveling Troupe around on a tour of the Cluster.

The Yuna puna is a Modified Wayfarer Medium-class Transport with Detachable Cargo container. At first glance it was obvious some colorblind 3 year old painted the ship, interesting colors. The Hero’s met the other members of the crew, and toured the ship.

The amenities were bare bones. Cheapest bedding, the Medbay was poorly stocked.. if not at all, the food was freeze dried rations and the refresher showers gave everyone headaches. The Yuna Puna was about as first class as a hutt slim pit, without the hutts, or the pit. Sion after some work in the bridge discovered a static problem with the comm system that was caused by an Advanced Subspace Encryption Array.

It seemed the Yuna Puna was painted by Fomo, who’s race is color blind. When Dreegs confronted a sleeping Fomo, he was knocked out and they were both found in the Engine compartment unconscious. after a quick wake up Dreegs was furious at Fomo, and To’Que offered to help by hiring out some help to get the ship repainted. using the last of the funds available for the ship.

Dreegs had appointed himself Captain, and with some reluctance of the crew they allowed their weapons to be secured in a cargo safe, except for To’que who became security officer and retained his dual blasters. Mem was appointed executive officer on the ship and assigned Sion to be ships pilot. Pasha appointed herself liaison between the crew and passengers

When the ship finally was launched it was discovered the landing gear was inoperable, and there was a fault with the internal compensators causing a rough ride if the ship accelerated too fast. Also after the jump to hyperspace Fomo found there was a missing hyperdrive inhibitor. To’que asked for a lock-down of the ship and a search was started. After most of the night the only clues were a mess in the refresher caused by loose plumbing, the Pantry was ransacked, and a recording was found in the conference room that sounded a lot like Kowakian monkey-lizards.

One was soon found in the access space underneath the bridge, confronted and stunned. Another was found in the cargo hold and killed. While the third one was found too late, and it opened up the Masiff cages which completely overwhelmed the Hero’s and Takeel had to overcome his fears and use a badly malfunctioning electrowhip to control them.

The Great Moot
You notice when the color of the sound changes?


GM NOTE: this even took over the course of 4 sessions

The Crew of the Epsilon Explorer landed on Yelsain while the Great moot was still in the process of setting up. They had an exclusive landing pad near the center set aside for Iso-Tech. On Arrival they were met with the main Director of events as a courtesy and welcome. A high strung demanding and weaselly male Drall named Dreegs highlighted some of the events and competitions available.

While wandering around the moot, the Crew is contacted by Andoog Cairnu. He asks them as a favor to help make Ral Kipkin and his band with the Battle of the band competition. Also, wants them to crew the ship that will take them on tour. To be the crew they need to win or do well at some of the moot events and gain some recognition.

Pasha enters in the Sabacc tournament, Sion the swoop races, and To’Que the Gunslinger competition.

The bands competing.. or at least the ones that have a chance of winning… were:
Boba Fett and the assassin droids (Cluster favorite lack of talent band)
Kennfra Nachute and the Life Day band (Twi’lek Female, with 3 Wookiees, playing folk music)
Kip and Tips droid percussion band (Two Ugnaughts using Droids to create music in a musical form of slapstick)
Thal K’sar “The Synthinator” a male Bith performing Eletronica trance music
Ral Kipkin and the Dreadknots. Up and coming Jatz band

A whisper campaign against Kip and Tips Droid percussion band started, and later on they were able to create some technical problems as the band preformed. But later found the MC for the bands .. Dreeg.. was constantly eating a certain brand of crisps and drugged them before the performance allowing a boring replacement of the MC

Pasha met up with the leader of the BFatAD band Kloro Draga and paid him off to throw the show. Also gave him and the Girl he brought to his Tour ship some drugged crisps.

Sion had a meeting with Thal K’sar and realized that the Synthinator was using harmonics and resonance to cause an hypnotic effect, and hoped to win by using them to gain a following. During the performance a riot was incited and the sound system was bypassed to play To’Que’s favorite Ithorian polka music instead. Thal K’sar was shamefully hauled off stage with suspicion of causing a riot.

Talking with Kennfra Nachute, the crew agreed to help them bust up a slaver auction in order for them to throw their performance.

Sion was able to maintain 2nd place through 2 heats of the Amateur division of the Swoop races to make the finals

To’Que performed very well in the distance shooting, and in the Walk through practical application. Being flashy with a Hat and poofy shirt.

Pasha did not do well in the sabacc Tournament, but was able to get at least to the final table with the help of a skifter from Trynic
While Pasha was at the Sabacc tournament, the rest of the crew met up with Kennfra and the 3 Wookiees including, Kallakabukk (aka Bob). They rented a Speeder van and headed towards the Slave Auction. On arrival they were flagged down by a guard outside the shelter, and Sion decided to decelerate a little late, causing a large thump as it hit the guard and said “That’s the Signal!” Combat ensued and the Crew were able to quickly subdue guards and free some slaves including a large Green skinned, Orange haired Alien named that seemed to refer to itself as Gunthar. In the firefight about 15 salves were freed, but the patrons and the Slave master escaped just before imperials showed up. Two of the Wookies (not Kallakabukk) were killed in the attack. Everyone was taken to a Safe house and Kennfra decided to take it upon herself to work on releasing the former slaves safely back into society.

Kallakabukk decided the best option was to Join the crew of the Epsilon Explorer.

To’Que had his Semi-Final “showdown” in the morning. It was against Zena Vane. He really didn’t have the Discipline, or courage to be able to shoot first, but he knew if he survived he could hit second. Everyone was issued a single shot dueling blaster, modified to only shoot to stun. To’Que squared off against Zena, she shot first, but missed, and To’Que was able to knock her out with a shot square on the forehead, allowing him to advance to the finals againstJohaben Hodebrun.

Sion had his final race. After getting shot at by some Hooligans halfway through the course, and shot by Metraa, he had a photo finish, but lost. Near the winners circle Metraa (A young male Rodian) started trash talking Sion, and even through his helmet at him. Finally Metraa pulled his blaster and threatened Sion. Chaos erupted as the Sion fought for his life, and the Rest of the crew fought against Metraa’s allies. Soon the only ones standing were members of the crowd, some guards who finally arrived, and the Crew of the Epsilon Explorer. Both Metraa and Sion were stunned and taken to the drunk tank to cool off, and recover.

After To’Que was Checked in his Dueling blaster for the finale, he was confronted by Johaben Hodebrun. Who told him “Check your pocket”. Later on To’Que found a note, and written on it in a nice Calligraphy was the phrase “Hulahu sends his regards”. He expected the worse, and tried to prepare.

At the Finale, To’Que lost initiative against Johaben and was critically wounded. Pasha and Sion threw smoke grenades to provide To’Que some cover. Johaben’s second, and two snipers in the stands joined the fight against the Crew of the Epsilon Explorer. To’Que wasn’t killed, but it was obvious that his past has caught back up to him.

Beyond the Rim, Finale!
Junk is flying everywhere

Sort Synopsis

The Ugnaughts arrive at scrapheap point to do trading. Instead of Ugnaughts it is “Too Low” and Members of Yiyar Salvage attack. The Hero’s repulse the attack on the docking alcoves, and then enter The Main base hidden ship “Blockade Bandit” Past the blast doors they encounter a small squad of Trandoshins, after neutralizing them the Shipboard defenders press and help repulse the attack. The defenders were lead by Reom, the head of Isotech, and the one who sent them on this mission in the first place.

Once the fighting dies down the players meet with Reom and finalize the deals of the payment. But before things can be finished the Head of scrapheap point, Norta, informs everyone that Imperial patrols are en route, and likely will discover the base. it is decided to evacuate, using the partially repaired Blockade bandit.

Players work under time pressures and get minimal repairs done to help get the ship airborne, before heading to their own ship. avoiding the Imperials attacking. Once airborne, the have to deal with a few TIE fighters, and later on, a Systems patrol craft.

The Epsilon Explorers crew engages the fighters, while the Blockade bandit exchanges fire with the Systems patrol craft. It is a harrowing fight. But they escape to a hidden Isotech base called “Iso-One” in deep space. It is also revealed that the former Captain of the Sa Nalaor, Harsol, was the one captaining the Blockade bandit during the escape.

The hero’s were made partners, and asked to represent IsoTech, at the Great moot, taking place on Yelsain

Beyond the Rim - Episode VII


Pasha stays behind to snoop around. the rest hop on to a cargo skiff and head out on a hunt for items to help IsoTech. They were given coordinates of some fresher dump sites to look for the parts which were as follows:

  • Multi-phase transformer for a Capital ship engine.
  • Power line Splicers.
  • Labor droid servos. And a
  • 2 meter wide sensor dish.

The first stop had a lot of high capacity power cables. it took some effort but some cables were hauled out and they found a cable with splicers attached to it. But before they could hop back on the skiff they notices part of the junk around them was moving as if something was burrowing underneath. A Dimlurker came out. Hideous worm like creature. One end terminates in a grasping, toothless maw, flanked by a pair of long, prehensile tentacles tipped with hard spiked spheres of solid chitin. It was dispatched with haste and Jacen took a souvenir of one of the tentacles.

Second stop they were able to spot several droids working on the Fresh pile of junk. They were able to sneak up on them and surprised the droids, who shouted “Revolution” or the binary equivalent, and who were no match for the concentrated firepower of the Hero’s. Among the junk they did find a 2-meter wise sensor dish…. and droid servos.

At the third stop it was covered in a noxious gas, and the players practically ran into an Ugnaught salvage operation who gave them breath masks. When they found the payers were looking for an engines Multi-phase transformer, they asked them to help them deal with a problem. it seems the Droids in the junkyard were turning more hostile, and instead of aiding salvage operations they were harming it, and seeming not to even want to find salvage to sell. They still wanted some payment, even if they dealt with the problem. To’Que offered a Hutt sex toy. The confused Ugnaughts didn’t know what to say until he showed them the Dimlurker tentacle. The deal was made, and the players went back to scrap heap point to get some more weapons to deal with the Droid problem


Pasha started asking around and found out that there was something more beyond the showroom. From the Alcoves, one of which their ship was in, there were access tunnels to a lower part, of the base, that a lot of the cargo went directly to. With the help of P2-S4M she was able to open the panel and get down to a cargo room. she found a maintenance droid Cz-873 in charge of the Distribution bay. the Droid asked for authorization, and while P2 was able to distract the droid with a data dump, Pasha went further in. Dodging the labor droids she was able to get further in and found a tunnel that was blocked by garbage. She was able to figure out it was a ruse and able to activate a repulsor platform that allowed her further in. She found a well maintained corridor fully lit, but unused. Near a non-functioning turbolift she found a placard that Designated the ship as a CR-90 Corellian Corvette named the “Blockade Bandit”

Quickly making her way back she told CZ-873 that Rewna gave her authorization because P2 need parts for repair. Rewna was furious that a droid was harmed and left in a state of disrepair, and told Pasha to go back to her ship before she left any more clues to her unauthorized access.

The Rest of the players came back and stocked up on Ion grenades and Ion Pistols. Then they went to where the Droids had made a sort of base. taking out a few patrols they moved closer in and found a couple dozen droids working around a cargo freighter that was hooked up to a re-used reactor. The group was soon discovered and a fight broke out. Things were going well until a familiar supervisor droid, and R2 unit came out with an Assassin droid. If would have spelled doom for the players until a group of Ugnaughts rode in and rammed the assassin droid. Allowing enough of a distraction for the players to get closer and disable it.

Beyond the Rim - Episode VI
On the way to the junk planet


The Recycling systems are overcapacity, P2-S4M is spending most of his time working on keeping the systems under control. The ship smells worse then normal, tempers flare, fights are broken up, and everyone is miserable. To’Que is miserable in the humid climate and takes a box of rations into the dorsal cockpit and seals off the hatch. Captain Harsol is revived and seems a bit reserved. He has lost the respect of the crew during his previous breakdown.

A few days into their 5 day journey the hyperdrive starts making sounds of stress. P2 reports the hyperdrive gravometric wave compensator is stressed and is about to fail. The Hero’s revert out of hyperspace and find themselves deep into a nebula. They have obviously gone off course and P2 cannot detect any navigational indicators, artificial, or natural due to the density of the nearby nebula. When an attempt is made to leave the nebula the ship is slowed down by drag. The crew determines the ship exterior is surrounded by space plankton. An attempt is made to distract it with an air bomb, but it has little or no effect. The airlock gets filled with plankton and Jacen calms himself and uses the force to have the plankton return home.

The bomb seemed to have attracted something large and it was headed for the ship, and gaining. It was a large creature at least 100 meters wide, and a wingspan that was over a kilometer wide that seemed to be used as a sort of solar sail. Unable to initially dodge the beast, attempts were made to fire on it to little effect. An energy discharge like lighting came from the beast, missing the Epsilon Explorer, but also removing the annoying plankton. Sion made a break to “tack” to the windward side of the Beast and was able to escape soon afterwards.

Cratala was fascinated the whole time and said it looked similar to Khaa’thros Solar sailor that is more common near the deep core. She theorized that the density of the nebula, and the fact the nearby stars were relatively young allowed it to survive. The players noticed this seemed to have snapped her out of her depression and the other survivors noticed that Cratala seemed to be more normal after this encounter.

Most of the issues during the trip were minor, and despite there being very little room for error, the Epsilon Explorer would be able to make it to Shesharile 6 in a single trip. Upon reversion to Shesharile 6 the ships music system was turned on to some “wonderful” Gamorrean opera. The ship was hailed by local Imperial customs patrol asking for their dumping permit. Sion instead sent them their Minos trade permit. They were told to heave-2 , prepare for inspection, and two TIE fighters were sent to enforce the orders. Sion was about to flee when the muzzle of a blaster was placed on Sion’s side and Harsol told him to take the ship down to avoid pursuit. “Your a smuggler captain on a ship that is smuggling, SMUGGLE”

After a few rounds the Epsilon Explorer made it to the surface and was able to use the Route provided by Reom as a way to avoid the TIE fighters. Sion’s skill as a Pilot had greatly improved and he was able to maneuver the large freighter through the heaps of junk and garbage. Only taking some damage but otherwise being able to stay ahead of the TIE fighters enough to pick them off one by one with the laser canons until they were clear of pursuit.

They traveled through a tunnel of garbage and it opened to a kilometer wide toxic lake of a most interesting brownish green. On the far shore of the lake was the coordinates for scrapheap point and found a Rodian (Norta) directing them to an Alcove near the shore above the steep slopes that lead to the toxic lake. As the passengers and crew stumbled out, Norta was surprised at the number. Never did he expect there to be survivors of the Cashed Sa Nalaor nor so many of them would be rescued. Introductions were made and all the players (except To’Que, he want to use the nearest refresher first) Cratala, Harsol, and IT-3PO were invited to a nearby meeting room in the “Crushed Courier”, while the survivors were told to wait until room was made.

Norta was greatly surprised and pleased with the results of the mission, he offered to repair and refuel their ship, and a down payment of 2000 credits. The full payment would not be available until Reom showed up several days later. Repairs consisted of repairing all the hull Trauma, parts for the Nav computer that was damaged in the last chase. The ship was also upgraded with better targeting systems, A dorsal heavy laser cannon, and taking the former dorsal medium laser cannon and linking it to the ventral cannon, to create a Twin Medium laser cannon turret. With most maters concluded they returned to the alcove with the Epsilon Explorer and the survivors were taken to their new quarters in the “Bantha Can”. In the morning Norta could offer them some jobs to pass the time while their ship was worked on.

While everyone was getting ready to rest, Jacen tried to follow Captain Harsol and Cratala, but lost them after they went through the Bantha Can, and into a tunnel that lead to a heavily secured airlock he was not able to pass. Jacen previously was able to listen in, partially, on a private conversation between Norta, Harsol and Cratala where he mentioned “Go that way to the B___ B___” A name with two words, starting with B.

In the morning, the players were shown to the showcase room for a light breakfast. The area looked to be part of a ship cargo hold with the trim looking distinctly like it was made by the Corellian Engineering Corporation Many. The Hold was about 10 meters by 25 meters, with pieces of Equipment, weapons, Armor were available, and some enhanced cybernetics on display. Beyond on the other side of the entrance the Hero’s came through was two blast doors, with one closed and guarded by two heavily armed humans. The Hero’s were interested in some of the weapons and gear but money was tight until they got their payout from Reom. Norta got to the point and told them there was some ship parts that were needed and asked the players to look for them by taking an air skiff out and trying to salvage them from the area.

Beyond the Rim - Episode V
Escaping Cholganna

Looks like you are going to be able to transport all the survivors, by getting half of them killed off in battle

Much preparations were made. The Deep Dark, Probe Droids, and Imperial Troopers keeping watch on our Hero’s, and the Survivors. The group was going to split up. Jacen and Sion making way to the ship on foot. To’Que, and Pasha used the Cargo sled to create a diversion. To’Que diversion got immediate notice and they were able to quickly take out a probe droid with the help of a few survivors with them. As they headed down the path to the River they were able to spot some Scout Troopers on speeder bikes and headed back to the survivor camp with bikes in hot pursuit. Taking fire and returning it with great effectiveness.

Jacen and Sion were able to avoid notice with the cover of smoke from a fire, as they climbed the ladder out of the Survivors camp, and later jumped some some troopers and a probe droid before making an escape to their ship

The Survivors were ecstatic with being able to effectively fight the Empire again. With their first victory, and the fresh Adrenaline of battle To’Que and Pasha decided to see if they could sweep the bluff for Scouts. Encountering 4 Troopers who were also Patrolling they got the jump on them. Two went down and the other fled with our Hero’s in pursuit. A pursuit that ended quickly with the reinforcements that included 4 Scout troopers on Speeder bikes. The players hid in the Jungle and were able to make it back to camp, to wait for the other group to complete their journey.

As preparations were made to get ready to evacuate the Base, Yav Yiyar and Otal were missing, leaving Apoto, in To’Que’s words , skin in the game. Also found missing was The memory core from the Droid in Cratala‘s lab, and the contents of Captain Harsol’s safe.

Early the next day The Epsilon Explorer took off. Immediately jamming communications and heading to the Lake near the wreck of the Sa Nalaor. The Yiyar Salvage ship “Nightflyer” also took off and took a few shots at the Epsilon Explorer before leaving, shortly before the Deep Dark took off. Jacen targeted the Engines and pummeled the Imperial ship with constant fire forcing it to flee. It was a stalemate, both ships were badly damage and unable to continue a fight.

When the Epsilon Explorer made it back to the survivor camp, the remaining scout troopers started firing on survivors as they tried to make it up the ladder. Within minutes more troopers broke through the gate and it was a full on assualt of the camp from above and below. The remains of 2 squads of troopers on the ground. A couple of Troopers on the top of the ridge using sniper fire, and finally before To’que could get up the ladder the remaining Probe droids arrived.

The ladder was shot at, and damaged the ladder as a survivor was killed. To’que needed to make a desperation jump while under constant fire. Jacen was severely wounded by fire.

The Hero’s left the planet and made the Jump back to civilization hoping their ship could last a few days without overloading the ships systems.

On board the ship:

  • Captain Harsol (Unconscious) and his droid IT-3PO
  • Cratala, medicated and all of her research except those of the Medical droid
  • A severed head of a Nexu with cyber enhancements.. 3 days old
  • Our hero’s (Jacen, Sion, To’que, Pasha, and Friendly Astromech P2-S4M)
  • 12 other survivors of the Sa Nalaor including Feno Gamoc (Senior Engineer) and Rewna (Droid mechanic)

Left on Cholganna and presumed to now be taken and controlled by the Empire

  • Cyber Enhanced Nexu
  • The Wreck of the Sa Nalor, and the undiscovered “Treasure Vault”
  • Cargo Floater “Zola”
Interlude II
Scouting the Deep Dark


Preparations are made. For stealth to work, the cover of darkness is needed.

Yav does not want to leave until nightfall. The Jungle might be dangerous, but the need for stealth and confusion is more important. But he suggests a distraction. One of the survivors offers up the booze from his still, and suggests using it to create a small explosion that will distract any scouts.

While that is being done Yav nearly collapses and has Apoto and Lasan take him into the medical shack. The assistants and medical droid start tending him. (They only have time to remove his “On the brink” critical, he still has another). Soon you can hear Yav yelling in Rodeese.. it sounds like a Major class chewing out, followed by some crashing. Cratala eventually leaves the pen and goes to the medical shake and takes some pills. She says it is a mild tranquilizer to help her calm down. She says it with disdain as it is not something she wants to admit to doing. After the application of Painkillers, synthflesh and cauterizing agents Yav feels he can do his job, but complains of stiffness in his shoulder from the wounds. (Will get a black setback die on combat checks until he gets a Bacta treatment.)

A group is formed with all of Yav’s crew (Yav, Otol, Lasan, and Apoto) as well as Sion. A few survivors volunteer, but Yav rebukes them saying they are all old, and would only endanger them. Calls them “Old and only worthy to tell stories and make weapons for others”.

Otol does not like Jacen (Ethan’s Character) and after waking up takes a stim and burns through a cigarillo in three draws. If looks could kill …. She reminds everyone that the three dangers they will be facing is probe droids, troopers and the jungle. So it is best to be able to use the jungle for their favor. Look for dens, or nest that can be used as a distraction.

Yav gets out his comlink and sends out a coded signal to his ship the Night Flyer. Soon gets a code back that informs him the Imperial ship is on a sandy beach near the Sa Nalaor forward section. About a dozen meters, south where you landed with your cargo sled. It is on the silt sandbar formed from the turbulence of the river as it goes around the hull of the Sa Nalaor remains. A plan is made to head directly west, then south along a game trail that follows the base of the river bluffs, then directly west to an area south of the landing site. The hope is the patrols are mainly focused on detecting anyone from leaving the survivor camp.

Yav, Otol, Lasan, and Apoto get their blasters charged up, and done some small backpacks that contain basic surival gear. With preparations made the group quickly heads out a sally port as the explosion goes off. (Five successes and 2 threat) it starts a fire, that is quickly put out by the pyrotechnic.

Soon the scouting force of a human and four Rodians is deep into the jungle.. at night. There is tension, but everyone stays calm. That is until they almost run into a hovering probe droid that opens fire on them. And is dispatched with the quick reflexes of Sion and Yav. Lasan gets injured but says it is nothing and for them to go on.

Luck is with them as they hear a Probe droid in the distance and lie in wait hoping it is trying to check on the area where the other droid was destroyed. It passes them and yav is able to get a critical hit that knocks the droid senseless, and the rest gang up to disable the droid. Sion gets the idea to take the droids Communications relay and set up a quick sensor that allows them to get a better heads up where the probe droids are. (Boost die on stealth, along with the 2 for it being dark and in a jungle)

Soon the realize that the Probe droids (Four of them) are surrounding them. But Otol spots a bark rat nests and tells everyone to hide as she sets a trap. The trap is sprung and a half dozen bark rats descend on the only thing they see, the probe droids. Which spend several rounds dealing with the rats while the scouting group gets a decisive lead and evades the rest of the probe droids.

Eventually they reach the edge of the jungle and make their way up the edge til they spot the Imperial ship
It is about 60 meters long with a cylindrical min hull that tapers out to a square stern, two engine pods give it about 30 meters width. It stands a meter or two above the sand bar on it’s landing legs, and the large belly ramp is lowered. The ship has it’s cockpit facing the jungle, and you can make out two scout troopers paroling the jungle line well away from you. It definitely looks like a scout vessel that can do planetary exploration

By it’s size it cannot have more then a half dozen crew. Pilot, Co-pilot, engineer, maybe a repair droid or a couple of techs that act as back ups for the primary roles. But that large ramp that is about 10 meters wide it makes sense there has to be troops on board. Maybe two squads, and one squad split up into two lances on speeder bikes. No idea on the number of probe droids without looking at the interior. Scout vessels are lightly armored and armed, but you cannot make out any obvious turrets. Otol suggests they might have retractable turrets, as some scout Vessel need to appear not to be a threat in order to be able to carry out its missions.

Yav then starts talking to Lasan in Rodeese. A hushed argument is started, and Otol looks rather smug while Apoto looks scared. Sion can only make a few words out as they are talking fast and there is crosstalk. But it seems Yav is giving Lasan a chance to finally prove himself. Since he couldn’t steal that safe. Lasan finally notices the blasters from Otol and Yav pointing at him, and he realizes he has no choice.

Yav then turns to Sion “Lasan has volunteered to give us a distraction so we can get back to the camp easier. He is going to try for either the Night Flyer across the lake, or hide in the Sa Nalor’s engine section until we pick him up if he cannot make it across the lake. Heh heh heh”

With that said, they all leave.. except Lasan. And head back to the survivors camp. But Sion notices Apoto is not happy about this.

Beyond the Rim - Episode III
"You are all a bunch of cowards!" "Yes we are!"


The Hero’s went to bed and set up a watch for the night. The only thing of note was the Old antiquated and almost useless battledroids were making quite regular patrols of the camp and making sure to check up the tree trunks.

A few hours before dawn, Sion was waken up by a small 10 pound creature jumping up into his bed. He tried using the blanket to snare it and was unsuccessful. The only players quickly we roused out of their beds and made short work of the three Bark Rats that got into the shelter.

With sleep all forgotten, Cratala stumbled in and offered to give them a tour of the settlement. Showing them Her labs, the Medical shack, and Nexu pens. Droid ship, and introduced them to Renwa, the supply shed, and the Garage. Leaving them with Ninan. Ninan didn’t have time to continue the tour, and gave the job to one of his assistants.

after the tour they had a meeting with Captain Harsol, and he asked them questions. Quite likely feeling they were legitimate, but not knowing if it was safe, nor how the rest of the survivors would be saved. But he agreed to let some of them back to their ship to get some of the supplies they brought. There were also some other jobs they could do in the meantime.

To’Que and Pasha went with Renwa, a labor droid and one of Renwa’s assistants, getting the cargo floater and heading back to the Epsilon Explorer. They learned some useful information, and they the survivors were basically trapped on the planet because of their Captain.

Sion and Jacen went with Ninan and his team to salvage some high capacity wires form the Sa Nalaor’s Bridge Elevator. Ninan gave them some information that the treasure was legitimate, but inaccessible, but their might be a small part of it in the safe found in the Captains quarters.

When they returned to the settlement, there was an altercation in the Main HQ building. One Yav Yiyar’s crew was found trying to steal the safe in the Captains quarters and the players were asked to arbitrate, but refused. The Rodian was sent to the stockade.

Jacen noticed another Yiyar Salvage member, Otal , walking away from the nexu pens. After he followed her there was an explosion near the Nexu cages and one of the Feral nexu escaped. The players, survivors, and the Captain quickly subdued the Nexu, but this allowed Yav Yiyar to take one of the lab assistants as a hostage. About this same time alarms went off on the Camp and they noticed a large Imperial ship make a flyover the camp.

Harsol went into a full panic, and blamed the Players for bringing the Empire. Yav wanted free passage back to his ship, and naturally, with guns drawn, shots were fired. Cratala fled to the Nexu pen screaming “I won’t go back to the Emperor, I will never serve him!” Harsol was eventually stunned, and Yav surrendered when he was near collapse, and the rest of the survivors tried to calm everyone down, but didn’t know what to do.

Imperials soon were at the front gate, but only 2 scout troopers, and an human in a Navy Uniform. jacen was able to stun Otol earlier and sneaked up one of the Sentry tower and noticed a few scout troopers on the east edge of the settlement at the top of the bluff.

The Naval officer identified himself as Lt. Liers Ossnan and offered safe passage and 50000 credits for Cratala and Captain Harsol. Everyone refused, and the Imperials went back to their ship with the open offer.

With the Settlement near panic, the players made an attempt to calm Cratala down and get her off the planet. Yav offered to scout out the Imperial position and craft, and plans were made for an escape


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