Star Wars : EotE Minos

Beyond the Rim - Episode VI
On the way to the junk planet


The Recycling systems are overcapacity, P2-S4M is spending most of his time working on keeping the systems under control. The ship smells worse then normal, tempers flare, fights are broken up, and everyone is miserable. To’Que is miserable in the humid climate and takes a box of rations into the dorsal cockpit and seals off the hatch. Captain Harsol is revived and seems a bit reserved. He has lost the respect of the crew during his previous breakdown.

A few days into their 5 day journey the hyperdrive starts making sounds of stress. P2 reports the hyperdrive gravometric wave compensator is stressed and is about to fail. The Hero’s revert out of hyperspace and find themselves deep into a nebula. They have obviously gone off course and P2 cannot detect any navigational indicators, artificial, or natural due to the density of the nearby nebula. When an attempt is made to leave the nebula the ship is slowed down by drag. The crew determines the ship exterior is surrounded by space plankton. An attempt is made to distract it with an air bomb, but it has little or no effect. The airlock gets filled with plankton and Jacen calms himself and uses the force to have the plankton return home.

The bomb seemed to have attracted something large and it was headed for the ship, and gaining. It was a large creature at least 100 meters wide, and a wingspan that was over a kilometer wide that seemed to be used as a sort of solar sail. Unable to initially dodge the beast, attempts were made to fire on it to little effect. An energy discharge like lighting came from the beast, missing the Epsilon Explorer, but also removing the annoying plankton. Sion made a break to “tack” to the windward side of the Beast and was able to escape soon afterwards.

Cratala was fascinated the whole time and said it looked similar to Khaa’thros Solar sailor that is more common near the deep core. She theorized that the density of the nebula, and the fact the nearby stars were relatively young allowed it to survive. The players noticed this seemed to have snapped her out of her depression and the other survivors noticed that Cratala seemed to be more normal after this encounter.

Most of the issues during the trip were minor, and despite there being very little room for error, the Epsilon Explorer would be able to make it to Shesharile 6 in a single trip. Upon reversion to Shesharile 6 the ships music system was turned on to some “wonderful” Gamorrean opera. The ship was hailed by local Imperial customs patrol asking for their dumping permit. Sion instead sent them their Minos trade permit. They were told to heave-2 , prepare for inspection, and two TIE fighters were sent to enforce the orders. Sion was about to flee when the muzzle of a blaster was placed on Sion’s side and Harsol told him to take the ship down to avoid pursuit. “Your a smuggler captain on a ship that is smuggling, SMUGGLE”

After a few rounds the Epsilon Explorer made it to the surface and was able to use the Route provided by Reom as a way to avoid the TIE fighters. Sion’s skill as a Pilot had greatly improved and he was able to maneuver the large freighter through the heaps of junk and garbage. Only taking some damage but otherwise being able to stay ahead of the TIE fighters enough to pick them off one by one with the laser canons until they were clear of pursuit.

They traveled through a tunnel of garbage and it opened to a kilometer wide toxic lake of a most interesting brownish green. On the far shore of the lake was the coordinates for scrapheap point and found a Rodian (Norta) directing them to an Alcove near the shore above the steep slopes that lead to the toxic lake. As the passengers and crew stumbled out, Norta was surprised at the number. Never did he expect there to be survivors of the Cashed Sa Nalaor nor so many of them would be rescued. Introductions were made and all the players (except To’Que, he want to use the nearest refresher first) Cratala, Harsol, and IT-3PO were invited to a nearby meeting room in the “Crushed Courier”, while the survivors were told to wait until room was made.

Norta was greatly surprised and pleased with the results of the mission, he offered to repair and refuel their ship, and a down payment of 2000 credits. The full payment would not be available until Reom showed up several days later. Repairs consisted of repairing all the hull Trauma, parts for the Nav computer that was damaged in the last chase. The ship was also upgraded with better targeting systems, A dorsal heavy laser cannon, and taking the former dorsal medium laser cannon and linking it to the ventral cannon, to create a Twin Medium laser cannon turret. With most maters concluded they returned to the alcove with the Epsilon Explorer and the survivors were taken to their new quarters in the “Bantha Can”. In the morning Norta could offer them some jobs to pass the time while their ship was worked on.

While everyone was getting ready to rest, Jacen tried to follow Captain Harsol and Cratala, but lost them after they went through the Bantha Can, and into a tunnel that lead to a heavily secured airlock he was not able to pass. Jacen previously was able to listen in, partially, on a private conversation between Norta, Harsol and Cratala where he mentioned “Go that way to the B___ B___” A name with two words, starting with B.

In the morning, the players were shown to the showcase room for a light breakfast. The area looked to be part of a ship cargo hold with the trim looking distinctly like it was made by the Corellian Engineering Corporation Many. The Hold was about 10 meters by 25 meters, with pieces of Equipment, weapons, Armor were available, and some enhanced cybernetics on display. Beyond on the other side of the entrance the Hero’s came through was two blast doors, with one closed and guarded by two heavily armed humans. The Hero’s were interested in some of the weapons and gear but money was tight until they got their payout from Reom. Norta got to the point and told them there was some ship parts that were needed and asked the players to look for them by taking an air skiff out and trying to salvage them from the area.

Beyond the Rim - Episode V
Escaping Cholganna

Looks like you are going to be able to transport all the survivors, by getting half of them killed off in battle

Much preparations were made. The Deep Dark, Probe Droids, and Imperial Troopers keeping watch on our Hero’s, and the Survivors. The group was going to split up. Jacen and Sion making way to the ship on foot. To’Que, and Pasha used the Cargo sled to create a diversion. To’Que diversion got immediate notice and they were able to quickly take out a probe droid with the help of a few survivors with them. As they headed down the path to the River they were able to spot some Scout Troopers on speeder bikes and headed back to the survivor camp with bikes in hot pursuit. Taking fire and returning it with great effectiveness.

Jacen and Sion were able to avoid notice with the cover of smoke from a fire, as they climbed the ladder out of the Survivors camp, and later jumped some some troopers and a probe droid before making an escape to their ship

The Survivors were ecstatic with being able to effectively fight the Empire again. With their first victory, and the fresh Adrenaline of battle To’Que and Pasha decided to see if they could sweep the bluff for Scouts. Encountering 4 Troopers who were also Patrolling they got the jump on them. Two went down and the other fled with our Hero’s in pursuit. A pursuit that ended quickly with the reinforcements that included 4 Scout troopers on Speeder bikes. The players hid in the Jungle and were able to make it back to camp, to wait for the other group to complete their journey.

As preparations were made to get ready to evacuate the Base, Yav Yiyar and Otal were missing, leaving Apoto, in To’Que’s words , skin in the game. Also found missing was The memory core from the Droid in Cratala‘s lab, and the contents of Captain Harsol’s safe.

Early the next day The Epsilon Explorer took off. Immediately jamming communications and heading to the Lake near the wreck of the Sa Nalaor. The Yiyar Salvage ship “Nightflyer” also took off and took a few shots at the Epsilon Explorer before leaving, shortly before the Deep Dark took off. Jacen targeted the Engines and pummeled the Imperial ship with constant fire forcing it to flee. It was a stalemate, both ships were badly damage and unable to continue a fight.

When the Epsilon Explorer made it back to the survivor camp, the remaining scout troopers started firing on survivors as they tried to make it up the ladder. Within minutes more troopers broke through the gate and it was a full on assualt of the camp from above and below. The remains of 2 squads of troopers on the ground. A couple of Troopers on the top of the ridge using sniper fire, and finally before To’que could get up the ladder the remaining Probe droids arrived.

The ladder was shot at, and damaged the ladder as a survivor was killed. To’que needed to make a desperation jump while under constant fire. Jacen was severely wounded by fire.

The Hero’s left the planet and made the Jump back to civilization hoping their ship could last a few days without overloading the ships systems.

On board the ship:

  • Captain Harsol (Unconscious) and his droid IT-3PO
  • Cratala, medicated and all of her research except those of the Medical droid
  • A severed head of a Nexu with cyber enhancements.. 3 days old
  • Our hero’s (Jacen, Sion, To’que, Pasha, and Friendly Astromech P2-S4M)
  • 12 other survivors of the Sa Nalaor including Feno Gamoc (Senior Engineer) and Rewna (Droid mechanic)

Left on Cholganna and presumed to now be taken and controlled by the Empire

  • Cyber Enhanced Nexu
  • The Wreck of the Sa Nalor, and the undiscovered “Treasure Vault”
  • Cargo Floater “Zola”
Interlude II
Scouting the Deep Dark


Preparations are made. For stealth to work, the cover of darkness is needed.

Yav does not want to leave until nightfall. The Jungle might be dangerous, but the need for stealth and confusion is more important. But he suggests a distraction. One of the survivors offers up the booze from his still, and suggests using it to create a small explosion that will distract any scouts.

While that is being done Yav nearly collapses and has Apoto and Lasan take him into the medical shack. The assistants and medical droid start tending him. (They only have time to remove his “On the brink” critical, he still has another). Soon you can hear Yav yelling in Rodeese.. it sounds like a Major class chewing out, followed by some crashing. Cratala eventually leaves the pen and goes to the medical shake and takes some pills. She says it is a mild tranquilizer to help her calm down. She says it with disdain as it is not something she wants to admit to doing. After the application of Painkillers, synthflesh and cauterizing agents Yav feels he can do his job, but complains of stiffness in his shoulder from the wounds. (Will get a black setback die on combat checks until he gets a Bacta treatment.)

A group is formed with all of Yav’s crew (Yav, Otol, Lasan, and Apoto) as well as Sion. A few survivors volunteer, but Yav rebukes them saying they are all old, and would only endanger them. Calls them “Old and only worthy to tell stories and make weapons for others”.

Otol does not like Jacen (Ethan’s Character) and after waking up takes a stim and burns through a cigarillo in three draws. If looks could kill …. She reminds everyone that the three dangers they will be facing is probe droids, troopers and the jungle. So it is best to be able to use the jungle for their favor. Look for dens, or nest that can be used as a distraction.

Yav gets out his comlink and sends out a coded signal to his ship the Night Flyer. Soon gets a code back that informs him the Imperial ship is on a sandy beach near the Sa Nalaor forward section. About a dozen meters, south where you landed with your cargo sled. It is on the silt sandbar formed from the turbulence of the river as it goes around the hull of the Sa Nalaor remains. A plan is made to head directly west, then south along a game trail that follows the base of the river bluffs, then directly west to an area south of the landing site. The hope is the patrols are mainly focused on detecting anyone from leaving the survivor camp.

Yav, Otol, Lasan, and Apoto get their blasters charged up, and done some small backpacks that contain basic surival gear. With preparations made the group quickly heads out a sally port as the explosion goes off. (Five successes and 2 threat) it starts a fire, that is quickly put out by the pyrotechnic.

Soon the scouting force of a human and four Rodians is deep into the jungle.. at night. There is tension, but everyone stays calm. That is until they almost run into a hovering probe droid that opens fire on them. And is dispatched with the quick reflexes of Sion and Yav. Lasan gets injured but says it is nothing and for them to go on.

Luck is with them as they hear a Probe droid in the distance and lie in wait hoping it is trying to check on the area where the other droid was destroyed. It passes them and yav is able to get a critical hit that knocks the droid senseless, and the rest gang up to disable the droid. Sion gets the idea to take the droids Communications relay and set up a quick sensor that allows them to get a better heads up where the probe droids are. (Boost die on stealth, along with the 2 for it being dark and in a jungle)

Soon the realize that the Probe droids (Four of them) are surrounding them. But Otol spots a bark rat nests and tells everyone to hide as she sets a trap. The trap is sprung and a half dozen bark rats descend on the only thing they see, the probe droids. Which spend several rounds dealing with the rats while the scouting group gets a decisive lead and evades the rest of the probe droids.

Eventually they reach the edge of the jungle and make their way up the edge til they spot the Imperial ship
It is about 60 meters long with a cylindrical min hull that tapers out to a square stern, two engine pods give it about 30 meters width. It stands a meter or two above the sand bar on it’s landing legs, and the large belly ramp is lowered. The ship has it’s cockpit facing the jungle, and you can make out two scout troopers paroling the jungle line well away from you. It definitely looks like a scout vessel that can do planetary exploration

By it’s size it cannot have more then a half dozen crew. Pilot, Co-pilot, engineer, maybe a repair droid or a couple of techs that act as back ups for the primary roles. But that large ramp that is about 10 meters wide it makes sense there has to be troops on board. Maybe two squads, and one squad split up into two lances on speeder bikes. No idea on the number of probe droids without looking at the interior. Scout vessels are lightly armored and armed, but you cannot make out any obvious turrets. Otol suggests they might have retractable turrets, as some scout Vessel need to appear not to be a threat in order to be able to carry out its missions.

Yav then starts talking to Lasan in Rodeese. A hushed argument is started, and Otol looks rather smug while Apoto looks scared. Sion can only make a few words out as they are talking fast and there is crosstalk. But it seems Yav is giving Lasan a chance to finally prove himself. Since he couldn’t steal that safe. Lasan finally notices the blasters from Otol and Yav pointing at him, and he realizes he has no choice.

Yav then turns to Sion “Lasan has volunteered to give us a distraction so we can get back to the camp easier. He is going to try for either the Night Flyer across the lake, or hide in the Sa Nalor’s engine section until we pick him up if he cannot make it across the lake. Heh heh heh”

With that said, they all leave.. except Lasan. And head back to the survivors camp. But Sion notices Apoto is not happy about this.

Beyond the Rim - Episode III
"You are all a bunch of cowards!" "Yes we are!"


The Hero’s went to bed and set up a watch for the night. The only thing of note was the Old antiquated and almost useless battledroids were making quite regular patrols of the camp and making sure to check up the tree trunks.

A few hours before dawn, Sion was waken up by a small 10 pound creature jumping up into his bed. He tried using the blanket to snare it and was unsuccessful. The only players quickly we roused out of their beds and made short work of the three Bark Rats that got into the shelter.

With sleep all forgotten, Cratala stumbled in and offered to give them a tour of the settlement. Showing them Her labs, the Medical shack, and Nexu pens. Droid ship, and introduced them to Renwa, the supply shed, and the Garage. Leaving them with Ninan. Ninan didn’t have time to continue the tour, and gave the job to one of his assistants.

after the tour they had a meeting with Captain Harsol, and he asked them questions. Quite likely feeling they were legitimate, but not knowing if it was safe, nor how the rest of the survivors would be saved. But he agreed to let some of them back to their ship to get some of the supplies they brought. There were also some other jobs they could do in the meantime.

To’Que and Pasha went with Renwa, a labor droid and one of Renwa’s assistants, getting the cargo floater and heading back to the Epsilon Explorer. They learned some useful information, and they the survivors were basically trapped on the planet because of their Captain.

Sion and Jacen went with Ninan and his team to salvage some high capacity wires form the Sa Nalaor’s Bridge Elevator. Ninan gave them some information that the treasure was legitimate, but inaccessible, but their might be a small part of it in the safe found in the Captains quarters.

When they returned to the settlement, there was an altercation in the Main HQ building. One Yav Yiyar’s crew was found trying to steal the safe in the Captains quarters and the players were asked to arbitrate, but refused. The Rodian was sent to the stockade.

Jacen noticed another Yiyar Salvage member, Otal , walking away from the nexu pens. After he followed her there was an explosion near the Nexu cages and one of the Feral nexu escaped. The players, survivors, and the Captain quickly subdued the Nexu, but this allowed Yav Yiyar to take one of the lab assistants as a hostage. About this same time alarms went off on the Camp and they noticed a large Imperial ship make a flyover the camp.

Harsol went into a full panic, and blamed the Players for bringing the Empire. Yav wanted free passage back to his ship, and naturally, with guns drawn, shots were fired. Cratala fled to the Nexu pen screaming “I won’t go back to the Emperor, I will never serve him!” Harsol was eventually stunned, and Yav surrendered when he was near collapse, and the rest of the survivors tried to calm everyone down, but didn’t know what to do.

Imperials soon were at the front gate, but only 2 scout troopers, and an human in a Navy Uniform. jacen was able to stun Otol earlier and sneaked up one of the Sentry tower and noticed a few scout troopers on the east edge of the settlement at the top of the bluff.

The Naval officer identified himself as Lt. Liers Ossnan and offered safe passage and 50000 credits for Cratala and Captain Harsol. Everyone refused, and the Imperials went back to their ship with the open offer.

With the Settlement near panic, the players made an attempt to calm Cratala down and get her off the planet. Yav offered to scout out the Imperial position and craft, and plans were made for an escape

various scenes not including the Hero's

This occurs shortly after the last session ended in HQ


Rel was so tired.

Another night of interrupted sleep. After everyone left the commons building, he quickly moved to his quarters to get away from all the questions and motioned IT-3P0 inside. The Captain closed the badly balanced and makeshift door. He had to put his shoulder into it in order to shut it. Turning around he assessed what was in the room. A hammock with a worn out mattress. A desk made out of a carved out cargo crate. Two seats with wooden legs that wobbled on the cracked blasticrete floor. A small wood burning furnace he now used to fix himself some bark tea. It was bitter, but it would help keep his mind clear and think.

Harsol spoke up as he used the residual heat from the furnace to heat some water he poured into a can. He then spoke, “How long has it been Eye-Tee?”

The droid titled it’s head trying to understand the context of the question and made a qualitative guess “21 years, 3 months, and 15 days since I left your presence to meet with Ropak of IsoTech, Captain Harsol”

He grunted in a sort of affirmation at the information. As he poured his tea into another can with a welded on handle. He blew on it and took a tentative sip. Wincing at the bitterness he set it down on the desk, sat down in the chair, and looked at the Droid. The droid looked better then he did. But he could still see it was the same droid he had all those years ago, just like humans there were slight imperfections, and mannerisms you intuitively knew, especially if they memory was not wiped. “So the deal still stands?”

“As ordered I have all the pertinent plans and distribution deals committed to memory. I am happy to report I have made great strides in developing your plans with Ropok, even if they taken a more .. generational time frame then we expected”

Harsol closed his eyes, relaxed a bit and chuckled. The years surviving on this forsaken jungle sithhole were not in vain. “When I saw your homing beacon light up on my old receiver I thought it was just another malfunction. Niman spent several hours analyzing the unit and the signal, and it checked out. We have spent all these years hiding from the Empire. Maybe now we have a reason, and an opportunity to leave this planet.” Harsol gets up and ignoring his tea and sits on the hammock to start working his boots off. “I need some sleep, it is going to be a busy day tomorrow.” as he gets one boot off he works on the other and looks back up “What about the Empire”

“Captain Harsol, I am afraid to say it is even more powerful now then the Republic was. Just recently the Emperor dissolved the Senate”

“The Senate? How can control be maintained?”

“Regional Governors, and well, the Imperial Navy, Captain”

“How did they become so powerful?” and Harsol finally gets the other boot off and drops it to the floor.

“Captain Harsol, There was this Battlestation called the Death Star…”


A Tall muscular Rodian (Yav Yiyar) walks beside a shorter more athletic female Rodian (Otol Nal). Both are having a private conversation on their way to the living quarters. They are speaking in Rodeese with subtitles in Basic

Otol Nal: They brought the droid, I doubt they will trust us now
Yav: We had to dump it or get kicked off the Emporium. Too Low is our backup plan if this doesn’t work.
Otol: I hate that Sullestan, and the Trandoshens he hired
Yav: Things might change based on what we get here. The Trandos are hired Muscle
Otol: That is what Eshon is for
Yav: Enough!

They pause, and Yav uses the low light vision in his artificial cyber eye to scan part of the camp

Yav: Their defenses are weak
Otol: Then it is time to treat this as a salvage operation instead of trade negotiations
[Yav laughs in a cruel manner that is familiar to most who know Rodians]
Yav: Salvage? Are we doing thorough salvage or a smash and grab
Otol: I think we have time to look things over.
Yav: The Doctor is the most valuable, it would hurt Isotech more in the long run.
Otol: Agreed, but, I don’t think this place will remain secret for much longer.
Yav: Which means no treasure
Otol: There is a safe
Yav: Where?
Otol: I was able to peak into the captains quarters, it hidden quite obviously in the carved out cargo container he uses as a desk
Yav: Apoto and Lasan might be able to crack it.
Otol: We also might be able to catch them stealing more then their share this time
Yav: Better and better. Lets find out how many fools are in this camp tomorrow
Otol: “There are more fools in the Galaxy then there are sentients”

Both laugh loudly scaring a few nearby survivors away


The spinning patterns of the hyperspace wormhole can be seen in the Bridge windows. Two Crew-members sit on opposite sides in the front, with a middle seat empty. Both are wearing Imperial Navy style uniforms. A third human male (Liers Ossnan) enters the Bridge from the rear sliding door.

Liers: Are we close to reversion?
Crew 1: Yes Supervisor Ossnan. On schedule for reversion in less then a day
Liers: Good, a fine fast ship you have here. The Imperial Security Bureau was fortunate to have you available for this mission
Crew 2: Thank you Supervisor. The Scout services sector command put a priority out for this, hopefully we can go back to serving in the real Navy after our tour is over.
Liers: Are we still tracking them?
Crew 1: Uh… no, Supervisor Ossan
Liers: Excuse me?
Crew 2: Interference at the source, Supervisor. The Database says there is a lot of interference from Comets and the Star in the system. We are not tracking them, but we know where they are going
Crew 1: No where else to go out here, we should be able to pick up the signal again after reversion.
Liers: Very well, but time is of the essence. The Emperor himself has taken an interest in this mission. I also expect a promotion after this. Do not fail me.

Both crew-members look at each other and stand up a bit straighter

Crew 2: Yes, Sir! I mean, we won’t fail, sir, I mean, Supervisor Ossan

Liers Ossan nods, and then heads back out with the Door sliding shut behind them

Crew 1: I have a bad feeling about this.

Beyond the Rim - Episode II
"Eye-Tee have you been treated well?" *long pause, glare* "No"


The Hero’s survive the fight and drag the deactivated IT-3PO back to their ship where they make preparations to leave. As they forcefully leave the station they are followed by a YT-2400 Light Freighter and attacked. The superior Gunners on the Epsilon Explorer drive off the ship and they make a Difficult direct jump to Cholganna.

After they reactivate the droid they start questioning it, and find out it is holding back on information. But they find out it is working for Isotech, and originally was doing work for the former owner Ropok (Reom’s Father). After convincing the droid to shut down again, they slice into the droids systems find that Captain Harsol owned the droid, and there were plans to sell advanced cyberware via Isotech in the Black Market. Their intrusion attempts were detected and Eye-Tee complains about being violated and is rather forlorn for the rest of the trip

They arrive on the Cholganna system and have to deal with the nebula and comet tail they arrived in, but P2-S4M is able to adjust the sensors enough to get through the interference. They quickly are able to locate a crash site and come upon an early contact which appears to be an escape pod. after landing and a slog through the jungle, surviving an encounter with an Arboreal Octopus a little worse for wear. Arriving at an escape pod “34 Besh” it is in a crevasse that a bunch of bugs are using for a nest. To’Que goes in taking a few bites in the process. They discover some remains and the torn rags of what used to be the a CIS uniform.

They make way to a lake that is formed by the wreck of the engine section of the Sa Nalaor. Taking a cargo floater and telling P2-S4M to hide the ship, they investigate the wreck and find nothing of interest. Once they get to the top they see what looks like the forward section of the ship on the other side of the lake on the east shore.

At the forward section they spot evidence of previous use, a graveyard, and the remains of a long abandoned camp. As well as acess to the remains of the crashed wreck. They first make their way to the Bridge. Along the way they see sections removed, the ship has been stripped, even where lockers used to be on the wall have been removed. Before they reach the bridge they decide to cut through a blast door. While doing this they are attacked by a pair of Nexu with obvious enhancements. Killing one, and the other flee’s shortly after IT-3PO tries to get away from the confined quarters.

After arriving on the bridge they discover a Holorecording of the final moments on the Sa Nalaor bridge as they brace for impact and Harsol seems to grab and try to protect a woman also there

The next several hours the Hero’s spend time cutting through bulkheads and searching the ship for the “vault” with the treasure. Until they notice someone else is in the ship with them. The players set up an ambush, and a couple of Sa Nalaor survivors calls out to the players asking them to reveal themselves. The players convince IT-3PO to talk to them and the droid is instantly recognized by the Survivors. And the players allow themselves to be taken to Captain Harsol. and the survivor camp.

The session ends with a meeting at the camp, Yav Yiyar and his crew are allready there. Yav is full of bravado and bluster convincing they can take survivors off the planet. It seems many of the survivors are amiable to this but Harsol overrules them and tells them that the decision should not be made in haste, everyone should get some rest, and learn more in the morning.

Beyond the Rim - Episode I
"If we run into trouble, shoot the droid"

To’Que and Sion made their entrance into Qourloz (which is inside Cartol’s Emporium). Inside they see about a dozen other sentients, about half are gands, and the rest look like veteran bounty hunters. An older gand behind a bar which is a glass case which displays a bunch of Bounty hunter gear, and a odd looking dried out verpine head with its eyes replaced with glass globes. Behind the bar, above the poisons and intoxicants are several heads of various humans, and aliens. Each one has a crudely hand written sign below the head, which appears to be names. Across from the bar is a large Display that shows various bounties.

To’Que saunters up to the bar and says to the bartender “I am looking for a bounty on Teemo” the code phase given to him by Mr. Orden in the previous adventure. The Gand asks him to speak up, so that the others in the bar can hear. To’que notices a intimidating Trandoshen sneaks up behind him. Passing a fear and Coercen check the Trandshen laughs and shows him to a back booth where he sees a pair of Niktos, Weequays, two humans, one with blue lips and a cyberbrain, and Fang bet wean the humans.

After a few insults and intimidating workds Fang offers To’Que a chance to free up his obligation to Hulagu the hutt, if he does a job for Reom, the president of IsoTech. Deigo (the Cyberbrained human) further explains that Hulagu the hutt, thinks Reom is only looking for technology, and doesn’t care about the famous treasure of the Sa Nalaor. Hulagu wants the treasure. To’quu with the help of his “Hoomans” is going to get it. Fang also assigns his “Apprentice” Jacen that has been working with him for years to keep and eye on To’Que to make sure he follows through. another threat is made before the players (plus a new one) leave.

Meanwhile, Pasha is shopping and is able to luckily find a rare and valuable crystal that she buys at Tin-Tic and Pon-Din’s as well as a journal of someone who traveled the sector before the colonization visiting isolated settlements and wildcat mines

the players meet up and arrive at the office of Isotech and meet with Reom who is impressed by the players knowledge of the Sa Nalaor. He explains that a old hyperspace pod was found that contained a message to his father, and was given to him. It details the last known location of the Sa Nalaor before it crashed. the players are to find it, asses it’s condition, and a bonus is offered for recovering any technology of use. Sion slips and asks about the treasure, and Reom offers to split it 50/50 with the players if they find it.

The players agree, and also get face value for the old confederation credits they recovered in a previous adventure. they are to get what supplies they need, and wait for the droid passenger they are to take with them in 8 hours

When leaving the office they spot a Rodian trying to sneak away, and were able to quickly follow him and kill him. The hide the body and apologize to Roem for the mess that he takes care of.

The players start getting supplies with the ruse they are going to try and capture some Nexu. Also start asking around for better Hyperspace routes, and get the name of a tech working in the hanger who might help them. Pasha is able to charm the tech and has to go out on a date… a date which goes real badly and the Tech realizes she is just a floozy using her body to get what she wants and not honest… all easily heard by all the people in the cantina. With the date in hand, they leave for the ship to await the droid.

before the 8 hours have elapsed they are contacted by Reom’s sister, Shira, that the droid is en route, and that IsoTechs office was raided and they should be wary that it seems everyone on the Emporium knows the Sa nalaor might have been found.

The players set up a defensive position on ringside, and Shira contacts the players soon afterwards to let them know the Droid should arrive in a few minutes as it just as entered the docking ring with it’s escort

Time passes and To’Que starts to investigate, and finds a dozen rough looking beings hauling a droid onto a cargo floater, and two bodies laying prone near the entrance to ringside.

A chase ensues with the players using lethal force, and are able to clear the cargo floater with the droid, and recover the droid while the Yiyar escaping

Beyond the Rim - Prologue
How obvious can a plot hook be?

Special thanks to Audun ”Jegergryte” Løvlie for his Cartols Emporium Supplement

The Hero’s decide to limp back to Travnin and get their ship repaired. While enroute they end up breaking the space chest and find mostly clone war memorabilia. 25,000 credits from the Separatists, a datapad with information about the ships and battles of the clone wars, and the head of a T-series tactical droid. Also a rather authentic Space Gordon space suit (with fishbowl helmet) and zapper gun replica that shot sparks when the trigger was pulled. Greenie went EVA and continued to search the ship for beacons.

They were stopped by a systems patrol craft, boarded and searched. To’Que was a bit lippy and stopped when it was obvious the officer was going to cause physical harm.

After a repair work order was put in, the players realized they were very short on credits. They tired to find someone who might be able to extract information from the Droid head, but no one was found with that expertise or willing to do the work on Travnin. They decided to go to the Grand Design, and ask around for more information

When the arrived at the Grand Design, Sion was asked by a bodyguard to talk to Harloth Orden. Harloth tanked him for doing the job so well back in a previous adventure. And didn’t understand why they didn’t get pay on delivery, but would ask the client. Then he asked Sion about the Twi’lek in the group. When Sion was tight lipped, he was asked to bring To’Que over.

Asking a series of questions, and even offering a job, if To’que was the correct Twi’lek it was suppose to go to. To’Que relented, and was told to go to Cartol’s Emporium, into Qoulroz, and ask about a bounty on Teemo, the people who need to contact him will get in touch. He offered a job to Quockra shipping some droids that needed to be sold and used by the native droids on the planet. And if they wanted to get the separatist credits sold for a good value they should go to Isotech on Cartol’s, since the business was working for them in the clone wars.

Grabbing some shipments to Quokora they made haste, in order to arrive in Karideph when Cartols was expected in 5 days time.

They found a droid shop on Karideph and were able to sell the droids, with the expectation they would be quickly sold. And the owner was going to attempt to read the last memories of the Tactical Droid. Recovering the files they found the last moments of TX-21 during the second battle of Geonosis. As the projection of the memories ended the droid head exploded sending shrapnel everywhere and blinding the shop owner. the Hero’s made a hasty exit after that.

When waiting for clearance an Imperial officer questioned them about the apparent attack on the droid shop, but their testimony confirmed the preliminary evidence, but were warned any other such incidents might start to raise questions, and think of this as a warning to stay clean.

They made Karideph planetfall and talked to some of the local researchers and learned about the natives. There really wasn’t much more to keep their interests so they went into orbit, and joined the half dozen ships and a luxury liner waiting

soon a ship reverted into real-space into Polar orbit around karideph and it was The Emporium, it was open for Business!

The players raced to the Ship and were able to find docking space.. tho they were not the first. They encountered a Twi’lek named Twai-ek Torn who gave them some information on where they could sell the space suit. They found a costume shop in Traders common and were able to get a few hundred credits for it.

Sion and To’Que then went to Mobe’s and To’Que upgraded one of his blasters. While Pasha went to Tin-tic & Pon-din’s

Treasure of Celis Mott
He sells Xishel?

The players come to Yelsain in the hopes of learning more about the mysterious treasure ship Sa Nalaor and more about the Kathol Rift that was referenced in Pasha‘s father’s journal at the renowned university

Sion goes to the Library, Pasha has trouble contacting a History Professor, and ToQue goes bar hopping with Greenie as a a wingman/droid.

Sion gets some success, and opens up a classified document that reveals there was an Imperial scouting expedition beyond the Kathol RIff lead by a Lt Sarne. Tripping the alarms and alerting the local imperial security.

Pasha learns that the last known sighting of the SaNalaor was outside the Karideph system. Their was a fierce battle and the ship disappeared. When asked about something her father knew beyond the kathol rift. he gets worried, and arranges to meet Pasha later.

Greenie turns out to be a horrible wingman, but after buying a person’s drink her learns of a more reliable story of the SaNalaor

SIon gets taken into custody by Imperials and questioned why he was searching through classified information, ends up revealing the names of his “Passengers” and the ship he is on. after letting him sweat they let him go and warn him to stay away from the Kathol sector.

Pasha and To’Que arrive back the ship and wonder where Sion is. Around sunset a messenger arrives and hands Pasha a non-descript package. She goes into the ship and finds a low quality holorecording of some sort of test called ‘Darkstrider’ that caused a flame to shoot out of some object.

As Sion arrives he hears a voice calling out to him. it is an old spacer friend of Sions former captain Marka Durn. Gives a cryptic message “Mott’s treasure… Bay 15… Engine’s lee…. beware sea shell” before expiring from a sucking chest wound. The people who shot him soon arrive and a fight breaks out. After a few losses and Sion being knocked down they leave.

Going to bay 15 they find a Ghrtoc-720 in a sorry state of dis-repair with an engine removed and parts everywhere. The ring the doorbell and a voice replies, after some confusion they are let onboard to find an R2 unit on the top of the ramp to greet them. one that has been fitted with a Vodcoder. They figure out where the “lee” is and find a data disk that gives coordinates and a communication code.

Before returning to their ship they spot some people outside Bay 15 keeping tabs on them.

On returning to the ship they are confronted by a dozen people in armor. They lead them to their ship where they meet a Falleen XIshel who offers then a substantial amount of credits for the datadisk. The players refuse and Xishel leaves with his guards.

The players send P2-S4M outside to check for a homing beacon and try to figure out what to do. within minutes the droid races back and warns that they are under attack. a dozen beings are setting up a Hvy repeating blaster . They ask P2-S4M to disable the “weight on wheels” cut off of the laser cannons and the players make haste to leave before they take too much damage. P2-S$M is successful but informs the players the landing gear now has to be operated manually, since he broke that part bypassing the switch

As they activate the repulsors a pair of fighters closes. and give pursuit as they leave the atmosphere. they don’t seem to be wanting to close and the ships makes a short jump to the asteroid field that the coordinates in the datadisk give. The eventually find a large asteroid and make way to a pit following a beacon and find a spacers chest with the Initials “CM”

Before they make it back to their ship they notice two fighters streak by, and they quickly take off and are pursued with deadly force. P2-S4M makes some great plotting and they are able to easily leave the fighters behind but are hit by Torpedoes before making the jump to hyperspace.

They detected a corvette in the distance but in never got close

Novak Beacon
We'll do anyhting for 5000 credits!

After reverting from Hyperspace to the Shesharile system they are Hailed by a a couple of TIE fighters. The players heave-to and wait for a customs corvette to arrive from the other side of the system. Customs Corvette Redoubt with Capt Dwin Arnae docks and boards them. There is a tense momment when To’Que thinks to be smart and sass off. Soon thinks better of it with the numerous Storm Troopers on the ship. Several fines are assessed by Captain Arnae and the players are allowed to continue. For some reason the Captain doesn’t even BOTHER to search the cargo… stupid officer

The arrive planetside and find a makeshift hanger made out of carved out containers. a score of sentient are there and a few are wrangling droids to move cargo around to replusor vehicles. An argument starts when the Chief of the hanger Greelo Chekkoo tries to unload ALL of the cargo. instead of paying a small fee the crew of the Epsilon Explorer ends up cross docking the freight and unloading it. Halfway through the unloading one of the droid wranglers is killed by slugthrower sniper fire. The Hangers E-web crews were firing and were quite ineffective. Sion and To’que find there are two snipers and persue, losing them in the debris and junk.

But Greeloo gives them a datapad for an invite to meet with a Shivistian named Andoog.

After finishing unloading their cargo they travel to a minor planet named Sirilac. It is a bit of a freeport on a toxic (but breathable type I atmosphere) planet that mainly uses slaves to mines sulfer from an active volcano. THey arrive early and start mucking about with the Locals. To’que tries selling his illegal holovids at the small open air market and leaves wehn he is asked to pay a fee. Then makes some ant-slavery posters and posts them around town. Sion tries to get into a fighting ring but decides against it.

THey arrive at docking bay 42 during the appointed time and see an old Barloz-Class freighter dominating the Docking bay, as well as many awnings and tents set up as a sort of picnic. Several other tramp freighter captains are there as well as their crews. Specifically: Trynic, Kal’Falnl C’ndros, Nabrun Leids, Rycar Ryjerd, Darn Cuthwrite, and Elis Helor. Rycar is spinning tales and entertaining the other captains.

The players mingle until Andoog shows up and offers them a test. 5000 pick up at an undisclosed location and a bonus of 5000 to be the first to deliver.

Kal’falnl C’ndros approaches the players and asks for assistance in splitting the prize money for sharing information. The players are not interested in helping unless they get paid up front. This discourages Kal, and she leaves to get her ship ready.

Soon they leave Sirilac and the datapad with an Envelope program gives them coordinates to the first stop. it is near the Novak beacon, a Yellow supergiant that spews radiation and plasma. the race is on, and the player are the the third to get the transmission from the Nav Bouy before Darn cuthwrite blows it up. Nabrun and Rycar didn’t get the information in time, but Kal’falnl takes pitty and shares it.

Next stop is Novak point, a deep space station that has been around since the sith war. used as refueling station and drop off point. They need to wait exactly 15 minutes from arriving before a dockworker shows up and give them a previously agree sign “The mynocks are bad this month”

Upon leaving and beforeDarn Cuthwrite jumps to hyperspace they get a message identifying him as leader of the Dystra pirates and to attack as soon as they revert on the next stop. The players decide to wait out, and let Trynic and Cal’faln head out before them.

On reverting they see a non-local Imperial customs corvette and the their Luxury liner “Destination: Adventure” a ways off. The Imperials hail them and let them pass. but soon a few other MBX-Pacifier ships leave from hyperspace and start attacking Cal’Fal. Avoid all possible conflict the players head towards the luxury ship.

They are directed to relax at the lounge and wait. Soon the other tramp freighter captains trickle in. Cal’fal seems a little shell shocked from her ordeal. Rycar regales the players of his exploits and the fact he gained a 1000 credit bounty for destroying one of the pirates. Elis asks them to split cargo with him and the players decline.

Later Andoog shows them the cargo contained Mag-pulse warheads (designed to disable a ships weapons) and gives them the 5000 credit bonus for coming in first, and lets them know it is a retainer for future services


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