Yav Yiyar

Advance scout for Yiyar Salvage


A rough looking Rodian with a short green Mohawk. Cybernetic eye replacement, and tattooed stripes on his face and body.


Yav Yiyar is the number three in the Yiyar clan hierarchy, and number two in Yiyar Salvage. He Captains the Nightflyer and is an excellent advanced salvage scout.

Yav is also rude, crude, and generally horrible to his allies and everyone else.

Others members of Yiyar Salvage:
“Too Low” Talo, a sullustan 2nd in command. Works on the Emporiums Cargo bay for Yiyar.
Otal Nal, first mate of the nightflyer, hates Talo, and the Trandoshens he works with
Apoto, mechanic and salvage expert. Often using five finger discounts on salvage material to help himself
Lasan, lead scout for wreckage and salvage sites. works without supervision often able to claims things first for himself. But he has a lot of bravado, but is only average, and the rest put up with him
Eshon, works as a guard and muscle for the group, and doesn’t act as security unless asked to

Yav Yiyar

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