Self-Exilied Falleen prince turned Pirate


A fallen wearing simple but durable work clothing and finely manicured nails. Keeps hair in a traditional top-knot and tends to look at everyone while tilting his head down to appear more menacing using his prominent brow


Xishel (pronounced She-Zhel) is a self-exilied falleen prince who has turned his skills of blockade running on his home planet into piracy. Through his charm and caculating ability and willingness to kill has allowed him to lead a large ground of pirates. Flying a captured Customs Corvette the Counter-punch he has moved into the Minos cluster searching for fabled hidden treasures and becoming quite successful. Often using desperate people and offering them huge rewards before killing them and taking the profits.

Currently some of his chief lieutenants are a Cyborg soldier and a Wookiee marauder


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