Ral Kipkin

Hall of Fame Smashball player, and Musician


Blue eyes, good rugged looks. Has a great Charisma and is always happen to see people he knows. Warm and supportive of others, and tends to be agreeable with those around him. very Traditional Corellian, but doesn’t share much of his past before Smashball. Honest and optimistic about the world around him


Full blooded Corellian who spent most of his life as a Smashball player for the Corellian Dreadnaughts as a power forward. Still has the all time Record for most scores in a game (10) and number of consecutive games played (116). He was always one who had some great interviews and memorable one-liners to add before, during and after a game.

When he retired he immediately revealed he had a talent and passion for playing the OmniBox and Jatz music and formed a Band with other retired Smashball players called “The DreadKnots”

Traveling the space lanes with their band they found a regular gig on Adarlon, the luxuries and even their Smashball popularity served themselves well and they decided to stay and enjoy what having good fortunes and popularity on Ardalon had to offer.

Occasionally you can find him in Advertisements, or Cameos on Holodrama’s. Rumors are the Rebellion has asked him to do some Recruitment Holos but he denies it

His other Bandmates are:
Miccor Ruspape: Nalargon
Soltre Weltrub: Bandfiill
Macha Sembhave : Floonorp

Ral Kipkin

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