Kandria A'Daasha

Free spirited owner of the Glow Dome


Kandria was far more wild and free spirited than her sister, in fact the two were almost opposites. Both sisters had a mischievous streak but while Corinna’s antics were harmless, Kandria would often get herself into bad situations that resulted in her more practical sister coming to her rescue. Kandria could also be cruel and had a tendency to go through boyfriends very quickly. Kandria is a very attractive woman and wore form-fitting and revealing outfits to accentuate her body. She wore her long, curly blonde hair in elegantly styled hairdos, and she always made sure to keep up with the latest fashions


Kandria and her twin sister Corinna were born into a wealthy family that provided for all their needs. As children they never struggled for anything and although her sister Corinna became bored and restless by a life of luxury, Kandria enjoyed her childhood using her economic freedom to fund lessons in dancing, singing, and musical instruments. When Corinna left home to explore the galaxy, separation did not suit either sister and shortly afterwards Kandria joined her sister in their journey through the stars.

It was Kandria’s idea to travel to the pleasure planet of Adarlon and finally the twins found a site that suited both of their personalities. Although it was both their ideas to open up the nightclub, the Glow Dome, the day-to-day operations have fallen almost entirely on Corinna as Kandria spent her time entertaining and partying

Kandria A'Daasha

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