Johaben Hedebrum

Human Bounty hunter


Tall Human male around 40 years of age with Dark brown hair greying at the temples. Tanned skin and Stocky build. Calm and dispassionate with the world around him. Often smoking a Pipe, and is an expert on Calligraphy.


Raised on Lianna , Johaben joined the Liannati Security Forces: a group charged with keeping the peace in the rich and aristocratic Lianna system. Unfortunately for Johaben, he was set up by corrupt officials from Sienar Fleet systems as the illegal seller of corporate secrets to Kuati agents. The officials were the ones who had been selling the secrets, but they needed a non-entity to take the blame. As a result, he was dishonorably discharged from the Security Forces, and left unemployed. Despite the setback, his desire to bring criminals to justice persisted, and as such, he became a bounty hunter.

Donning body armor and obtaining a silver-plated blaster, Johaben decided that he would need a partner in her new profession, and so enlisted the skills of the slicer Cian Shee. The two enjoyed relative success, hunting down small time criminals and corporate frauds. Eventually, they were hired to bring down High Priest Scri Oscuro, leader of the Disciples of Psusan. Oscuro had been using the church of Psusan as a front for unsavory activities. While they were able to apprehend Oscuro, they incurred the wrath of the Zealots of Psusan.

In 22 BBY, an informant of Johaben’s told him that the Psusan were plotting revenge for Oscuro’s arrest. Johaben also learned that Shee had sold out, and was in on the Psusan plot. Shee was also to receive a substantial fee from the Psusans for setting Farnmir up. Shocked, Farnmir resolved to learn the truth behind the accusation, and arranged to meet Shee in a Liannian Club. The club was a known nexus of Psusan activity, but Johaben claimed to Shee that it was merely a business meeting. Arriving early, he recognized the cult tattoo of a Psusan Zealot on another patron, and subsequently questioned her. The Zealot confirmed that Oscuro was present on Lianna and had made dealings with Shee.

As the two bounty hunters made to leave the club, Johaben attempted to pin Shee with a hold, but the slicer was too agile. She escaped into the night, as far away from Johaben as possible. Shee called off the deal with Oscuro, due to the fact that Johaben was now ready and prepared for any ambush. The two parted ways and soon found themselves working on opposite sides of the Rebellion and met at Nar Shadda and fought to the death. Johaben left his past behind and moved further to the outer rim to avoid any fallout from his past

Johaben Hedebrum

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