Jacen Nightstrider

Male human scoundrel


Human male, 5’11. Numerous scars on his body from the harsh treatment of Fang while being forced under duress to serve Hulagu the Hutt. Blue eyes and Black hair.


As a child on Ossus near the Jedi Academy during the execution of Order 66. Jacen fled civilization when the Empire came in and wiped out the Jedi. Jacen spent the next couple of months hiding away in caves until the Imperial presence weakened around the planet. Jacen traveled to a spaceport where he was able to steal some new clothes and barter with a local traveling merchant for safe passage off world. Eventually Jacen was able to make it all the way out to the outer rim, the entire time hiding the fact that he could do amazing things. While on the rim, Jacen would take work wherever he could find it, from working in a bar, to being a deck hand on various cargo ships, making sure not to stay in one place for to long, and to try to adhere to the code and help those less fortunate with any extra credits he may have had.

Around the time he was 25 years old, he signed on to work with a man named Corbelius Outstrider on a simple cargo haul. During the haul, Corbelius decided to stop the ship for “repairs” on Terminus. He gave Jacen a couple hundred credits to go buy some fresh food stores for the ship, but when Jacen returned, the ship was gone. Jacen wrote it off at first, thinking that he would be able to find a new job quickly enough, but he was terribly wrong. Within days of being left on Terminus, Jacen was approached by a group of 12 mercenaries working for the Hutts. Jacen was “escorted” to a Cathar named Kraghar “Fang” Dhalo that worked for Hulagu the Hutt. where he found out that the contract that he signed thinking it was working for the man he thought was Corbelius transporting legal goods, it was actually a contract to use Hulagu the Hutt’s ship to smuggle spice and disruptor weapons. With no other name on the contract besides his own, and the shipment now missing, Jacen was tortured by Fang, under Hulagu’s authority to see if he was hiding the ship and the illegal goods.

Jacen was put under the employ of Fang to pay off his debt for the ship and the goods which was both a blessing and a curse. In the past 7 years of working for Fang he has learned how to hide more effectively, how to work in the underworld, and to do lets say “less than reputable things.” In his free time, he tends to spend it trying to find the man he knows as “Corbelius” to rid himself of the Hutts hold over him.

After the adventures of “Debt to pay” Jacen decided to join forces with Iso-Tech as a guard

Jacen Nightstrider

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