Kraghar “Fang” Dhalo

Trusted Lt. of Hulagu the Hutt


A middle age Cathar with muzzle that is starting to grey. Has a knife scar that exposes bare skin across his left eye, and the Eye is replaced with a Red Cybernetic. Constantly growling and a scowl never leaves his face. His claws have been replaced with a cybernetically enhanced durasteel claws.


Used to be an bounty hunter, then hired by Hulagu the hutt to be an enforcer. Hulagu was so pleased by how Kraghar performed in giving out a Hutt’s form of justice. Kraghar built such a reputation doing Hutt justice that even his presence would start to make targets beg for mercy and give themselves up willingly to stop Kragher from lashing out in anger. Kraghar’s type of hutt justice often took the form of permanent scars on peoples faces.

While working as a bodyguard for Hulagu the hutt there was a meeting. A meeting with only Hulagu, Kraghar , another Hutt and his guard, a Trandoshen. No weapons of any kind were allowed. The Trandoshen was able to hide a Vibroknife and tried to attack Hulagu, Fang defended Hulagu and in the distraction the other Hutt attempted to do the same with a well aimed tail whip on Hulagu, hoping for a killing blow. it ended up knocking out Hulagu, Kraghar , with nothing but his normal claws killed the Trandoshen and did the same to the Hutt. When Hulagu regained consciousness, he found a two dead bodies, and Kraghar in a rage shredding a hutt to peices with his teeth, as he hand broken ever single one of his claws on the tough Hutt hide. The dead hutt and it’s clan was disgraced, and Kraghar was made as one of Hulagu’s Lieutenants and given top of the line enhanced cybernetics to replace what was lost. His claws, and eye.

The event became legendary and since then everyone, including Hulagu, called him Fang.

Now Fang is sent out on missions beyond hutt space to help his new master, and deal out the Violence that only a the sadistic hutts can enjoy as a form of art.

Kraghar “Fang” Dhalo

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