Drun Cairnwick

Rebel leader of the Sector, currently imprisoned


He looks older then his years. Once tall and broad shouldered, he has lost much of his strength in recent years. He is gentle in both voice and mannerisms, yet he has a strange magnetism.

He is very charismatic and influential.


He became famous, shortly after the Clone wars and the Jedi purge that followed, for speaking his oppositions to the Imperial takeover of the galaxy

" We are not truly free, if it is simple given to us—we are only truly free if we have given it to ourselves. The Empire made us slaves, and now it is time for us to give ourselves our freedom. The time for revolt is now."

He returned after the clone wars, back to Adarlon and began agitating against the Empire. The Empire moved against him and his supporters but he was able to escape and become even more active in the Rebellion. A year ago he was finally arrested and taken to the prison asteroid in the Gesaril system.

He wanted to create an uprising among the people of Minos Cluster, and to either mold it into a safe haven for members of the Rebellion or cost the Empire in a great deal of time and resources in reclaiming it.

Drun Cairnwick

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