Corinna A'Daasha

Co-owner of the Glow Dome


Corinna had a rebellious streak that caused her to both reject her opulent upbringing and reject the authority of the Empire. She was also mischievous and enjoyed playing practical jokes, especially on boorish, obnoxious and mean-spirited people that would frequent her club. Corinna was a very attractive woman and wore tight-fitting clothes to accentuate her slim figure. She often wore a flight jumpsuit that was cut to be very revealing

Her main strengths was her intelligence and business skills. She was a master negotiator and had a wide vocabulary in a large number of languages


Corinna and her twin sister Kandria were born into a wealthy family that provided for all their needs. As children they never struggled for anything and although her sister Kandria enjoyed a life of luxury, Corinna became bored and restless by it. Corinna ended up taking some of her wealth and left their household to explore the galaxy. Separation did not suit either sister and shortly afterwards Kandria joined Corinna on her travels. Kandria convinced Corinna to travel to the pleasure world of Adarlon but Corinna enjoyed her stay and the two sisters decided to try their hands at business.1

The twins started up the Glow Dome a nightclub featuring elaborate sound and light displays that became extremely successful.

Corinna A'Daasha

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