Aurin Isarch

Former Droid shop owner


Older woman with grey hair done in a beehive. Wears bright red shipsuit with grease stains and burned cuffs.


Born on Yelsain shortly after the colonization, her parents were prospectors on a planet known for a poor source of minerals. Aurin quickly bored with the simple lifestyle when she attended a moot and saw some droids. At the age of 12 she got work on a freighter that was mainly crewed by droids and worked as an apprentice learning how to work on droids. She didn’t really care where she went, or who she worked for as long as she could fiddle with droids.

She married early and worked on Yelsain mainly designing “Adventure Droids” for tourists or adventure seekers who wanted to recreate holodramas as the Hero. Her shop and Husband were killed during an Anti-droid riot near the end of the clone wars. She took her insurance money and moved to Quockra, opened a shop, and hopes to eventually learn about the true masters on the planet

Things turned worse for her when the players asked her to hack into a Tactical droid and it exploded, blinding her

Aurin Isarch

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