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The Great Moot

You notice when the color of the sound changes?


GM NOTE: this even took over the course of 4 sessions

The Crew of the Epsilon Explorer landed on Yelsain while the Great moot was still in the process of setting up. They had an exclusive landing pad near the center set aside for Iso-Tech. On Arrival they were met with the main Director of events as a courtesy and welcome. A high strung demanding and weaselly male Drall named Dreegs highlighted some of the events and competitions available.

While wandering around the moot, the Crew is contacted by Andoog Cairnu. He asks them as a favor to help make Ral Kipkin and his band with the Battle of the band competition. Also, wants them to crew the ship that will take them on tour. To be the crew they need to win or do well at some of the moot events and gain some recognition.

Pasha enters in the Sabacc tournament, Sion the swoop races, and To’Que the Gunslinger competition.

The bands competing.. or at least the ones that have a chance of winning… were:
Boba Fett and the assassin droids (Cluster favorite lack of talent band)
Kennfra Nachute and the Life Day band (Twi’lek Female, with 3 Wookiees, playing folk music)
Kip and Tips droid percussion band (Two Ugnaughts using Droids to create music in a musical form of slapstick)
Thal K’sar “The Synthinator” a male Bith performing Eletronica trance music
Ral Kipkin and the Dreadknots. Up and coming Jatz band

A whisper campaign against Kip and Tips Droid percussion band started, and later on they were able to create some technical problems as the band preformed. But later found the MC for the bands .. Dreeg.. was constantly eating a certain brand of crisps and drugged them before the performance allowing a boring replacement of the MC

Pasha met up with the leader of the BFatAD band Kloro Draga and paid him off to throw the show. Also gave him and the Girl he brought to his Tour ship some drugged crisps.

Sion had a meeting with Thal K’sar and realized that the Synthinator was using harmonics and resonance to cause an hypnotic effect, and hoped to win by using them to gain a following. During the performance a riot was incited and the sound system was bypassed to play To’Que’s favorite Ithorian polka music instead. Thal K’sar was shamefully hauled off stage with suspicion of causing a riot.

Talking with Kennfra Nachute, the crew agreed to help them bust up a slaver auction in order for them to throw their performance.

Sion was able to maintain 2nd place through 2 heats of the Amateur division of the Swoop races to make the finals

To’Que performed very well in the distance shooting, and in the Walk through practical application. Being flashy with a Hat and poofy shirt.

Pasha did not do well in the sabacc Tournament, but was able to get at least to the final table with the help of a skifter from Trynic
While Pasha was at the Sabacc tournament, the rest of the crew met up with Kennfra and the 3 Wookiees including, Kallakabukk (aka Bob). They rented a Speeder van and headed towards the Slave Auction. On arrival they were flagged down by a guard outside the shelter, and Sion decided to decelerate a little late, causing a large thump as it hit the guard and said “That’s the Signal!” Combat ensued and the Crew were able to quickly subdue guards and free some slaves including a large Green skinned, Orange haired Alien named that seemed to refer to itself as Gunthar. In the firefight about 15 salves were freed, but the patrons and the Slave master escaped just before imperials showed up. Two of the Wookies (not Kallakabukk) were killed in the attack. Everyone was taken to a Safe house and Kennfra decided to take it upon herself to work on releasing the former slaves safely back into society.

Kallakabukk decided the best option was to Join the crew of the Epsilon Explorer.

To’Que had his Semi-Final “showdown” in the morning. It was against Zena Vane. He really didn’t have the Discipline, or courage to be able to shoot first, but he knew if he survived he could hit second. Everyone was issued a single shot dueling blaster, modified to only shoot to stun. To’Que squared off against Zena, she shot first, but missed, and To’Que was able to knock her out with a shot square on the forehead, allowing him to advance to the finals againstJohaben Hodebrun.

Sion had his final race. After getting shot at by some Hooligans halfway through the course, and shot by Metraa, he had a photo finish, but lost. Near the winners circle Metraa (A young male Rodian) started trash talking Sion, and even through his helmet at him. Finally Metraa pulled his blaster and threatened Sion. Chaos erupted as the Sion fought for his life, and the Rest of the crew fought against Metraa’s allies. Soon the only ones standing were members of the crowd, some guards who finally arrived, and the Crew of the Epsilon Explorer. Both Metraa and Sion were stunned and taken to the drunk tank to cool off, and recover.

After To’Que was Checked in his Dueling blaster for the finale, he was confronted by Johaben Hodebrun. Who told him “Check your pocket”. Later on To’Que found a note, and written on it in a nice Calligraphy was the phrase “Hulahu sends his regards”. He expected the worse, and tried to prepare.

At the Finale, To’Que lost initiative against Johaben and was critically wounded. Pasha and Sion threw smoke grenades to provide To’Que some cover. Johaben’s second, and two snipers in the stands joined the fight against the Crew of the Epsilon Explorer. To’Que wasn’t killed, but it was obvious that his past has caught back up to him.


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