Star Wars : EotE Minos

Novak Beacon

We'll do anyhting for 5000 credits!

After reverting from Hyperspace to the Shesharile system they are Hailed by a a couple of TIE fighters. The players heave-to and wait for a customs corvette to arrive from the other side of the system. Customs Corvette Redoubt with Capt Dwin Arnae docks and boards them. There is a tense momment when To’Que thinks to be smart and sass off. Soon thinks better of it with the numerous Storm Troopers on the ship. Several fines are assessed by Captain Arnae and the players are allowed to continue. For some reason the Captain doesn’t even BOTHER to search the cargo… stupid officer

The arrive planetside and find a makeshift hanger made out of carved out containers. a score of sentient are there and a few are wrangling droids to move cargo around to replusor vehicles. An argument starts when the Chief of the hanger Greelo Chekkoo tries to unload ALL of the cargo. instead of paying a small fee the crew of the Epsilon Explorer ends up cross docking the freight and unloading it. Halfway through the unloading one of the droid wranglers is killed by slugthrower sniper fire. The Hangers E-web crews were firing and were quite ineffective. Sion and To’que find there are two snipers and persue, losing them in the debris and junk.

But Greeloo gives them a datapad for an invite to meet with a Shivistian named Andoog.

After finishing unloading their cargo they travel to a minor planet named Sirilac. It is a bit of a freeport on a toxic (but breathable type I atmosphere) planet that mainly uses slaves to mines sulfer from an active volcano. THey arrive early and start mucking about with the Locals. To’que tries selling his illegal holovids at the small open air market and leaves wehn he is asked to pay a fee. Then makes some ant-slavery posters and posts them around town. Sion tries to get into a fighting ring but decides against it.

THey arrive at docking bay 42 during the appointed time and see an old Barloz-Class freighter dominating the Docking bay, as well as many awnings and tents set up as a sort of picnic. Several other tramp freighter captains are there as well as their crews. Specifically: Trynic, Kal’Falnl C’ndros, Nabrun Leids, Rycar Ryjerd, Darn Cuthwrite, and Elis Helor. Rycar is spinning tales and entertaining the other captains.

The players mingle until Andoog shows up and offers them a test. 5000 pick up at an undisclosed location and a bonus of 5000 to be the first to deliver.

Kal’falnl C’ndros approaches the players and asks for assistance in splitting the prize money for sharing information. The players are not interested in helping unless they get paid up front. This discourages Kal, and she leaves to get her ship ready.

Soon they leave Sirilac and the datapad with an Envelope program gives them coordinates to the first stop. it is near the Novak beacon, a Yellow supergiant that spews radiation and plasma. the race is on, and the player are the the third to get the transmission from the Nav Bouy before Darn cuthwrite blows it up. Nabrun and Rycar didn’t get the information in time, but Kal’falnl takes pitty and shares it.

Next stop is Novak point, a deep space station that has been around since the sith war. used as refueling station and drop off point. They need to wait exactly 15 minutes from arriving before a dockworker shows up and give them a previously agree sign “The mynocks are bad this month”

Upon leaving and beforeDarn Cuthwrite jumps to hyperspace they get a message identifying him as leader of the Dystra pirates and to attack as soon as they revert on the next stop. The players decide to wait out, and let Trynic and Cal’faln head out before them.

On reverting they see a non-local Imperial customs corvette and the their Luxury liner “Destination: Adventure” a ways off. The Imperials hail them and let them pass. but soon a few other MBX-Pacifier ships leave from hyperspace and start attacking Cal’Fal. Avoid all possible conflict the players head towards the luxury ship.

They are directed to relax at the lounge and wait. Soon the other tramp freighter captains trickle in. Cal’fal seems a little shell shocked from her ordeal. Rycar regales the players of his exploits and the fact he gained a 1000 credit bounty for destroying one of the pirates. Elis asks them to split cargo with him and the players decline.

Later Andoog shows them the cargo contained Mag-pulse warheads (designed to disable a ships weapons) and gives them the 5000 credit bonus for coming in first, and lets them know it is a retainer for future services


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