Star Wars : EotE Minos


various scenes not including the Hero's

This occurs shortly after the last session ended in HQ


Rel was so tired.

Another night of interrupted sleep. After everyone left the commons building, he quickly moved to his quarters to get away from all the questions and motioned IT-3P0 inside. The Captain closed the badly balanced and makeshift door. He had to put his shoulder into it in order to shut it. Turning around he assessed what was in the room. A hammock with a worn out mattress. A desk made out of a carved out cargo crate. Two seats with wooden legs that wobbled on the cracked blasticrete floor. A small wood burning furnace he now used to fix himself some bark tea. It was bitter, but it would help keep his mind clear and think.

Harsol spoke up as he used the residual heat from the furnace to heat some water he poured into a can. He then spoke, “How long has it been Eye-Tee?”

The droid titled it’s head trying to understand the context of the question and made a qualitative guess “21 years, 3 months, and 15 days since I left your presence to meet with Ropak of IsoTech, Captain Harsol”

He grunted in a sort of affirmation at the information. As he poured his tea into another can with a welded on handle. He blew on it and took a tentative sip. Wincing at the bitterness he set it down on the desk, sat down in the chair, and looked at the Droid. The droid looked better then he did. But he could still see it was the same droid he had all those years ago, just like humans there were slight imperfections, and mannerisms you intuitively knew, especially if they memory was not wiped. “So the deal still stands?”

“As ordered I have all the pertinent plans and distribution deals committed to memory. I am happy to report I have made great strides in developing your plans with Ropok, even if they taken a more .. generational time frame then we expected”

Harsol closed his eyes, relaxed a bit and chuckled. The years surviving on this forsaken jungle sithhole were not in vain. “When I saw your homing beacon light up on my old receiver I thought it was just another malfunction. Niman spent several hours analyzing the unit and the signal, and it checked out. We have spent all these years hiding from the Empire. Maybe now we have a reason, and an opportunity to leave this planet.” Harsol gets up and ignoring his tea and sits on the hammock to start working his boots off. “I need some sleep, it is going to be a busy day tomorrow.” as he gets one boot off he works on the other and looks back up “What about the Empire”

“Captain Harsol, I am afraid to say it is even more powerful now then the Republic was. Just recently the Emperor dissolved the Senate”

“The Senate? How can control be maintained?”

“Regional Governors, and well, the Imperial Navy, Captain”

“How did they become so powerful?” and Harsol finally gets the other boot off and drops it to the floor.

“Captain Harsol, There was this Battlestation called the Death Star…”


A Tall muscular Rodian (Yav Yiyar) walks beside a shorter more athletic female Rodian (Otol Nal). Both are having a private conversation on their way to the living quarters. They are speaking in Rodeese with subtitles in Basic

Otol Nal: They brought the droid, I doubt they will trust us now
Yav: We had to dump it or get kicked off the Emporium. Too Low is our backup plan if this doesn’t work.
Otol: I hate that Sullestan, and the Trandoshens he hired
Yav: Things might change based on what we get here. The Trandos are hired Muscle
Otol: That is what Eshon is for
Yav: Enough!

They pause, and Yav uses the low light vision in his artificial cyber eye to scan part of the camp

Yav: Their defenses are weak
Otol: Then it is time to treat this as a salvage operation instead of trade negotiations
[Yav laughs in a cruel manner that is familiar to most who know Rodians]
Yav: Salvage? Are we doing thorough salvage or a smash and grab
Otol: I think we have time to look things over.
Yav: The Doctor is the most valuable, it would hurt Isotech more in the long run.
Otol: Agreed, but, I don’t think this place will remain secret for much longer.
Yav: Which means no treasure
Otol: There is a safe
Yav: Where?
Otol: I was able to peak into the captains quarters, it hidden quite obviously in the carved out cargo container he uses as a desk
Yav: Apoto and Lasan might be able to crack it.
Otol: We also might be able to catch them stealing more then their share this time
Yav: Better and better. Lets find out how many fools are in this camp tomorrow
Otol: “There are more fools in the Galaxy then there are sentients”

Both laugh loudly scaring a few nearby survivors away


The spinning patterns of the hyperspace wormhole can be seen in the Bridge windows. Two Crew-members sit on opposite sides in the front, with a middle seat empty. Both are wearing Imperial Navy style uniforms. A third human male (Liers Ossnan) enters the Bridge from the rear sliding door.

Liers: Are we close to reversion?
Crew 1: Yes Supervisor Ossnan. On schedule for reversion in less then a day
Liers: Good, a fine fast ship you have here. The Imperial Security Bureau was fortunate to have you available for this mission
Crew 2: Thank you Supervisor. The Scout services sector command put a priority out for this, hopefully we can go back to serving in the real Navy after our tour is over.
Liers: Are we still tracking them?
Crew 1: Uh… no, Supervisor Ossan
Liers: Excuse me?
Crew 2: Interference at the source, Supervisor. The Database says there is a lot of interference from Comets and the Star in the system. We are not tracking them, but we know where they are going
Crew 1: No where else to go out here, we should be able to pick up the signal again after reversion.
Liers: Very well, but time is of the essence. The Emperor himself has taken an interest in this mission. I also expect a promotion after this. Do not fail me.

Both crew-members look at each other and stand up a bit straighter

Crew 2: Yes, Sir! I mean, we won’t fail, sir, I mean, Supervisor Ossan

Liers Ossan nods, and then heads back out with the Door sliding shut behind them

Crew 1: I have a bad feeling about this.


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