Star Wars : EotE Minos

Debts to Pay

You bet 16k and what do you get?

This adventure follows the Edge of the Empire Adventure “Debts to pay” found in the gamemaster screen. SPOILERS AHEAD, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

The players get back to the Eliad spaceport without much trouble. Talk was made of shopping for equipment and maybe an astromech droid. When they get back to their ship Lord Karr is waiting for them with a couple of guards. He asks them to collect the profits on a recent deed he has one of an Ordilium mine out on the planet Trenco. If the money is collected he would consider Sion’s debt to him paid.

Shortly after the agreement a trio of thugs confronted Lord Kaff about his debt, and a fight ensued. When the fight ended the only people standing were the players and Lord Kaff who complained about the lack of Respect he is getting. Dismissed allegations he is behind on his debt, but reiterated how important it was to end Sion’s debt, by collecting from the mine.

preparations were made and they blasted off.

When the arrived at the planet they saw a Toxic wind swept atmosphere obscuring the surface below. Scans showed life signs below the surface, near an area of relative calm about 100 km in diameter. The only response they got from the surface was a landing beacon in the center of the Calm.

Coming in for a landing they see a bunker near the landing pad. They enter and find the base is quite quiet. The first clue something is wrong is when they find 4 dead bodies in the canteen being served by a clueless cook droid. All 4 were shot in the back. That and an announcement over the base PA warns that a “Storm shield generator” has been destroyed Finally after further explorations they find a deactivated Administration droid who is quite helpful but cannot remember what happened. The players befriend the droid and were able to access the records of the mine and the safe with 165000 credits.

The players begin to suspect the base was attacked, but no idea whom. When the reach the entrance to the mine shaft several droids including an EV supervisor droid standing guard to the entrance. The droids are disarmed and another shield generator is destroyed as they enter the mine.

They find the miners barricaded at a way point station and the players find out the Droids are the one attacking the miners, not pirates. The players armor up the repulsor vehicle they used and head back to the entrance.

A fight takes place as the droids are trying to prevent the players from escaping. The supervisor droid is not to be found, except when the reach the other landing pad and find he has escaped.

Quickly the players make it to their ship and head out to one of the shield generators and via some fancy piloting through the windy canyons they were able to destroy the airspeeder used by another droid to destroy the shield generators.

When the get back the ship they meet with the Miner leader and he accuses them of theft, and needs the money stolen to get the mine running again. A heated argument begins between Posha and the Miner leader. Finally the players leave with 94000 credits

When the meet Lord Karr again he is quite pleased with the return of the credits, but doesn’t care about the mine. The players admit they took their cut of 10000 credits, but failed in negotiations and Lord Karr when on a Tirade and stormed off in a huff.


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