Star Wars : EotE Minos

Crewing the Yuna Puna

Yuna puna means "First class" in Huttese

Synopsis in the last 2 adventures:

The Hero’s did their part, and now Andoog has convinced Dreegs to let the Hero’s be crew on the ship that will be taking a band, and the Traveling Troupe around on a tour of the Cluster.

The Yuna puna is a Modified Wayfarer Medium-class Transport with Detachable Cargo container. At first glance it was obvious some colorblind 3 year old painted the ship, interesting colors. The Hero’s met the other members of the crew, and toured the ship.

The amenities were bare bones. Cheapest bedding, the Medbay was poorly stocked.. if not at all, the food was freeze dried rations and the refresher showers gave everyone headaches. The Yuna Puna was about as first class as a hutt slim pit, without the hutts, or the pit. Sion after some work in the bridge discovered a static problem with the comm system that was caused by an Advanced Subspace Encryption Array.

It seemed the Yuna Puna was painted by Fomo, who’s race is color blind. When Dreegs confronted a sleeping Fomo, he was knocked out and they were both found in the Engine compartment unconscious. after a quick wake up Dreegs was furious at Fomo, and To’Que offered to help by hiring out some help to get the ship repainted. using the last of the funds available for the ship.

Dreegs had appointed himself Captain, and with some reluctance of the crew they allowed their weapons to be secured in a cargo safe, except for To’que who became security officer and retained his dual blasters. Mem was appointed executive officer on the ship and assigned Sion to be ships pilot. Pasha appointed herself liaison between the crew and passengers

When the ship finally was launched it was discovered the landing gear was inoperable, and there was a fault with the internal compensators causing a rough ride if the ship accelerated too fast. Also after the jump to hyperspace Fomo found there was a missing hyperdrive inhibitor. To’que asked for a lock-down of the ship and a search was started. After most of the night the only clues were a mess in the refresher caused by loose plumbing, the Pantry was ransacked, and a recording was found in the conference room that sounded a lot like Kowakian monkey-lizards.

One was soon found in the access space underneath the bridge, confronted and stunned. Another was found in the cargo hold and killed. While the third one was found too late, and it opened up the Masiff cages which completely overwhelmed the Hero’s and Takeel had to overcome his fears and use a badly malfunctioning electrowhip to control them.


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