Star Wars : EotE Minos

Beyond the Rim - Prologue

How obvious can a plot hook be?

Special thanks to Audun ”Jegergryte” Løvlie for his Cartols Emporium Supplement

The Hero’s decide to limp back to Travnin and get their ship repaired. While enroute they end up breaking the space chest and find mostly clone war memorabilia. 25,000 credits from the Separatists, a datapad with information about the ships and battles of the clone wars, and the head of a T-series tactical droid. Also a rather authentic Space Gordon space suit (with fishbowl helmet) and zapper gun replica that shot sparks when the trigger was pulled. Greenie went EVA and continued to search the ship for beacons.

They were stopped by a systems patrol craft, boarded and searched. To’Que was a bit lippy and stopped when it was obvious the officer was going to cause physical harm.

After a repair work order was put in, the players realized they were very short on credits. They tired to find someone who might be able to extract information from the Droid head, but no one was found with that expertise or willing to do the work on Travnin. They decided to go to the Grand Design, and ask around for more information

When the arrived at the Grand Design, Sion was asked by a bodyguard to talk to Harloth Orden. Harloth tanked him for doing the job so well back in a previous adventure. And didn’t understand why they didn’t get pay on delivery, but would ask the client. Then he asked Sion about the Twi’lek in the group. When Sion was tight lipped, he was asked to bring To’Que over.

Asking a series of questions, and even offering a job, if To’que was the correct Twi’lek it was suppose to go to. To’Que relented, and was told to go to Cartol’s Emporium, into Qoulroz, and ask about a bounty on Teemo, the people who need to contact him will get in touch. He offered a job to Quockra shipping some droids that needed to be sold and used by the native droids on the planet. And if they wanted to get the separatist credits sold for a good value they should go to Isotech on Cartol’s, since the business was working for them in the clone wars.

Grabbing some shipments to Quokora they made haste, in order to arrive in Karideph when Cartols was expected in 5 days time.

They found a droid shop on Karideph and were able to sell the droids, with the expectation they would be quickly sold. And the owner was going to attempt to read the last memories of the Tactical Droid. Recovering the files they found the last moments of TX-21 during the second battle of Geonosis. As the projection of the memories ended the droid head exploded sending shrapnel everywhere and blinding the shop owner. the Hero’s made a hasty exit after that.

When waiting for clearance an Imperial officer questioned them about the apparent attack on the droid shop, but their testimony confirmed the preliminary evidence, but were warned any other such incidents might start to raise questions, and think of this as a warning to stay clean.

They made Karideph planetfall and talked to some of the local researchers and learned about the natives. There really wasn’t much more to keep their interests so they went into orbit, and joined the half dozen ships and a luxury liner waiting

soon a ship reverted into real-space into Polar orbit around karideph and it was The Emporium, it was open for Business!

The players raced to the Ship and were able to find docking space.. tho they were not the first. They encountered a Twi’lek named Twai-ek Torn who gave them some information on where they could sell the space suit. They found a costume shop in Traders common and were able to get a few hundred credits for it.

Sion and To’Que then went to Mobe’s and To’Que upgraded one of his blasters. While Pasha went to Tin-tic & Pon-din’s


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