Star Wars : EotE Minos

Beyond the Rim, Finale!

Junk is flying everywhere

Sort Synopsis

The Ugnaughts arrive at scrapheap point to do trading. Instead of Ugnaughts it is “Too Low” and Members of Yiyar Salvage attack. The Hero’s repulse the attack on the docking alcoves, and then enter The Main base hidden ship “Blockade Bandit” Past the blast doors they encounter a small squad of Trandoshins, after neutralizing them the Shipboard defenders press and help repulse the attack. The defenders were lead by Reom, the head of Isotech, and the one who sent them on this mission in the first place.

Once the fighting dies down the players meet with Reom and finalize the deals of the payment. But before things can be finished the Head of scrapheap point, Norta, informs everyone that Imperial patrols are en route, and likely will discover the base. it is decided to evacuate, using the partially repaired Blockade bandit.

Players work under time pressures and get minimal repairs done to help get the ship airborne, before heading to their own ship. avoiding the Imperials attacking. Once airborne, the have to deal with a few TIE fighters, and later on, a Systems patrol craft.

The Epsilon Explorers crew engages the fighters, while the Blockade bandit exchanges fire with the Systems patrol craft. It is a harrowing fight. But they escape to a hidden Isotech base called “Iso-One” in deep space. It is also revealed that the former Captain of the Sa Nalaor, Harsol, was the one captaining the Blockade bandit during the escape.

The hero’s were made partners, and asked to represent IsoTech, at the Great moot, taking place on Yelsain


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